Who / What Am I? 28-06

So who / what was it on the last week picture?

ginger tabby pussy cat according to colonialist

Long Life Cats and Dogs said definitely a kitty. Yip, ginger kitty it is

I think its a cat too! said Misaki

easyweimaraner wasn’t so sure 😉 could be a kitty or a blankie

All of you were right (except Easy with the blankie ofc)!

It was our Mr. Ginger!

Who am I full shot 21 06

Who Am I answer to 21 06This week I have something different for you.

To be honest, I did not have a clue what this is when I’ve seen this picture first time.

It is not the best quality shot but it will have to do.

Here it comes… this week Who / What Am I?

Who Am I 28 06

0 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 28-06

  1. Either some very sad shaggy carpet or a rather gross mass of worms. If it’s the worms, I’d suggest staying far away and keeping all animals at a distance 🙂 Yippee, I got the last one right. Very exciting indeed.

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