Out and about – The Japanese Koi Company

A few miles down the road from us is a fantastic Aquatic Superstore called The Japanese Koi Company. The place is so amazing, despite the fact that we do not own an aquarium, we visit it every now and then just to please the eye.

The store itself is huge and it stocks 100s of different types of fishes including of course a very impressive selection of Koi Carps and even more impressive price tags sometimes.

Before my first visit there 5 or 6 years ago, I did not have a clue that there are fishes out there costing 100s of pounds. Their selection of Koi start from £9.99 (I think) for the little fellas and I have seen a big Koi for as much as £599.00

The Superstore is set by a lovely outdoor pond, and a few “cages” with rare land animals (they are a new addition, most likely to bring new customers in and it seems to work)

Normally it takes us 1.5-2 hours to walk around and check out all the creatures. If you are not into fishes they also stock reptiles, small animals and birds, as well as huge selection of all pet foods and accessories.

If you are ever close by Henlow in Beds, make a pit stop and you will not be disappointed, trust me.

I adore looking at this lovely fishes so I took a selection of pictures for you, to show you what Koi you can see there.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

Please note the names are my own as I’m no Koi expert; I’m sure they have names that reflect their beauty and presence, I’m just not aware of them.

Selection of mix coloured small Koi
Selection of mix coloured small Koi
Golden Koi
Golden Koi
Silver Koi
Silver Koi
Red and white Koi
Red and white Koi
Orange Koi
Orange Koi
A laaarge one – just look at them aren’t they fantastic
A laaarge one – just look at them aren’t they fantastic
This blue one was particularly stunning,  but I couldn’t take a better picture of him
This blue one was particularly stunning,
but I couldn’t take a better picture of him
And my favourite Koi,  which you have all seen before on one of the “Who am I?” shots, I called him Mr. Big
And my favourite Koi,
which you have all seen before on one of the “Who am I?” shots,
I called him Mr. Big


5 thoughts on “Out and about – The Japanese Koi Company

  1. If I could give this place zero stars I would.

    We bought an aquarium pump from this place as ours had failed the day before we were due to go on holiday. We drove 25 miles there and back, Bedford to Henlow in Bedfordshire to get it. When we got home it didn’t work properly. To drive the 25 mile round trip again would have meant that we probably wouldn’t have got there before it closed, so we called them and explained the situation: it doesn’t work, the fish are gasping, we won’t get there before you close, we go on holiday tomorrow, can we bring it back for a refund when we return? “Yes”, they said; “no problem”. We then rushed off to “Pets at Home” in nearby Kempston and bought the exact same pump for £12 less, nearly 20% less than the price of “The Japanese Koi Company”. This surprised me; it’s a big price difference. Anyway, the staff at “Pets At Home” said “check the propeller on the one that doesn’t work before you return it to “The Japanese Koi Company”. We did and sure enough, the propeller wasn’t working”.

    We fitted the pump from “Pets At Home” and it worked fine out of the box, the fish stopped gasping and we left for our holiday happy that they’d be fine, which they were.

    Upon our return from holiday we called “The Japanese Koi Company” to confirm again that we could return the faulty pump for a full refund; “Yes” they said, “no problem”. So off I drove on another 25 mile round trip with the faulty pump and the purchase receipt. When I got there the member of staff who had said “Yes, no problem” attended to me until the “Manager” arrived and insisted on “testing” the pump. He did this, pulled the propeller out, removed some grit (which shouldn’t have been there) and then pronounced the pump to be in perfect working order and therefore no refund would be due. At this point I got cross; having made 2 journeys (or 4 legs between Bedford to Henlow, Henlow to Bedford, Bedford to Henlow and Henlow to Bedford) based on the reassurance of his colleague that a refund would be “Yes, no problem”.

    The “Manager” insisted that we should have removed the propeller and cleaned out the grit, in much the same way as he would doubtless have insisted that if we’d removed the propeller no refund would be due because we had tampered with the pump.

    The fact is that we bought a pump, which was excessively expensive compared to the identical model at “Pets At Home” and which DID NOT WORK! Mr “Manager” didn’t really give a toss and refused a refund, despite my 50 miles of round trips, despite the fact that the pump DID NOT WORK, and despite the fact that if we’d pulled the damned thing to bits to rectify the problem he’d have told us “can’t give you a refund because you removed parts from the pump”. No winners here aside from “The Japanese Koi Company”.

    Feel free to buy from “The Japanese Koi Company” if you want to pay around 20% more than you would at “Pets At Home” for an identical item, if you’re happy to buy defective goods for which you get no refund.

    “Yes, no problem” looked guilty and skulked in the corner whilst Mr “Manager” paid abject disregard to the fact that I had driven 50 miles over 4 legs of the journey on the basis of a false reassurance about a refund for a pump that DID NOT WORK.

    Time for Trading Standards to give a view on the matter. I won’t ever shop there again, neither should anyone else who expects to be treated with a modicum of fairness.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I am sorry you had a bad experience with this shop.
      I actually hardly ever shop there… I just go to watch the fish 🙂
      I hope you will get this matter resolved.
      Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for this post – I love Kois. I wish I had a pond with some of this wonderful animals in my backyard. But I’m afraid “you-know-who” could discover a passion for fishing.

I love all comments :-)