Money Supermarket is currently running a First Car Stories campaign. They want you to share your First Car Story, you can write what you want, as long as it is focused on your first car.

So what are you waiting for? Share your first motor memories with all of us.

Here is my story…

Fiat 126 "Maluch" *
Fiat 126 “Maluch” *

I am small but mighty, they called me Fiat 126

Unsure of the reason, maybe just for the kicks

Polish people call me Maluch (toddler or a small one)

I didn’t really like it and this name wasn’t fun

1975 this year I was born

From the start they fitted me with a loud horn

They gave me 4 very small wheels

And a taste for petrol for my meals

I was painted in orange, which was very bright

Some say I looked good in the right light


This was the first car I ever drove – my parent’s 1975 Orange Fiat 126.

At the time I loved it. I had a car. I could go faster from A to B. I still had a roof over my head, it was fairly warm and dry (this would depend on the time of the year and of course the weather conditions). It was my ticket to freedom!

This Fiat served me well. It was never sold nor replaced with another model. My parents kept it. They still have it till this day. They had it restored to its original glory and keep it in a locked, warm garage.

Now when I think about all my trips in this car, it is hard to believe they were really possible. The Fiat 126 didn’t have power steering, its heating barely worked on a warm day never mind on a cold one, you were very lucky if it started first go, the wipers never worked as they should so driving in the rain was never a safe option, same with driving in the night… yes, it had lights but they did not work very well kind of like having two candles instead of lightbulbs.

Despite all these flaws I loved my Fiat 126.

What’s your first car story?


* Picture source Ooyyo.net


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  1. I don’t drive, but I’m a great navigator, I can tell you the directions in 5 different languages and call you names when you get it wrong, I’m better and funnier than TomTom

  2. Sadly I live not in UK – but my first ride was a nightmare – a prehistoric Audi 100 from 1972 what I bought for 300 bucks from our local fire fighters. It had all tags and the logo of the fire fighters and it was thirsty all the time. Our relationship ended with a transmission failure after 8 weeks :o) It’s so nice that your Fiat is still alive and I love the Fiat-Poem!

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