Phota Your Mota #photayourmota

That is it!! I will drive no further!
That is it!! I will drive no further!

Why this car? I just love it; it brings out the motherly side of my nature. There it sat, there in the middle of a quiet village with everyone going about their lives oblivious to its presence. The car just sat there, I am sure, missing its former glory, lonely and perhaps looking a touch sad.

Why this picture? Mainly, because I love the car itself but also because this shot is showing us a real truth. We use our beloved cars and once we have no use for them we simply discard them. Some go to scrap yards but some of them, like this little fellow, are just left on the side of the road to “die”. I bet this car was someone pride and joy at some point in time, but look at him now… left to rot away, his only use now it seems is to be a target for pigeons to aim at… I believe he deserves better.



This is my entry into’s Phota Your Mota competition.

I challenge Jo from Given to Distracting Others, Anna from In The Playroom and Michaela from Adventures Of Yorkshire Mum to join in.

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