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From 1 August 2013, you’ll be able to upload up to 12 pictures to each of your listings free of charge on eBay.co.uk.

Picture Pack will also become free from 1 August until 31 August 2013 when it will no longer be available. You’ll still be able to enhance your listings by purchasing Supersize which will remain at the same price as before.

Using more pictures makes your listing more attractive to buyers, so make the most of this opportunity to improve your listings with additional pictures.

Find out how to upload pictures to your listings and comply with eBay’s new picture standards. For more helpful hints, use the top tips for taking great photos guide*

This is great news! I list a lot on eBay and many times, despite using their free insertion offer, I still had to pay for additional pictures. Buyers love looking at pictures of the items they might potentially buy/win and most of the time one picture just isn’t enough. Now, this will no longer be a costly problem.

From today if you use the insertion free offer and don’t go mad for any other upgrades for your listing it should be totally free… all you have to worry about is the final fee bill.

There are a few rules which have to be kept in mind while taking pictures for eBay:**

Size of your picture:

A picture size of 1600 pixels on the longest side. This helps to make sure the zoom and enlarge features can be used to give buyers a good look at the item. 

You don’t compress the picture before uploading it to eBay.

Each picture file size is 7MB or less.

No borders, text or artwork!

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A recent study on eBay.com showed on average that listings with better picture quality are 5% more likely to sell.

Optimise for mobile – Clear images without graffiti and borders make it easier for shoppers to see the item on mobile device screens

No picture, no listing!

For the best possible listing quality, upload detailed, close-up pictures from different angles. A study on eBay.com showed on average, sellers who list with 2 pictures are 7% more likely to sell and are 3% more likely to sell with each additional picture added to a listing.

No stock pictures!

Don’t forget  it’s also important not to use stock pictures for used item listings as this can mislead buyers as to what they’re really getting. By listing pictures of the actual item you’re selling, you can better communicate the item’s condition and manage buyer expectations. However, this doesn’t apply to refurbished items for which you can use stock pictures.

*Source Ebay.co.uk

** Source eBay Picture Standards

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