Who / What Am I? 30-08

And it is Friday! Finally!

I hope you all are well and looking forward to the weekend.

Last week we had a picture which caused a little bit of confusion… guesses were all over the place from soap or wax to pasta and even a sausage :-)… but we also had a correct guess as well!

Misaki said “i was going to say prawn crackers but they look too smooth. Maybe cheese??” Yes Misaki, you were right! No, it is not cheese. These discs were uncooked prawn crackers! Check them out…

2013-08-22_21-47-49_8532013-08-22_21-47-49_853 1

Lately prawn crackers are my favourite snacks. They are cheap to buy and take but seconds to make and are within the cooking skills of even the most kitchen hating person, plus they taste great!

So what do we have for this week challenge?

Check it out… Who / What Am I?

Who Am I 30 09

Please do not be shy with your guesses! There is no right and wrong answer…

oh, hang on that is not right… of course there is a right answer… but… you know what I mean…have a guess what’s the worst that can happen… that’s right we laugh at your guesses, that comes from the power of knowing the right answers bwahahah (I am in an evil mood today 😉)

Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 30-08

  1. I had no idea what prawn crackers were.

    The next picture seems like it could be some sort of noodles…or maybe seashells…

I love all comments :-)