Who / What Am I? 14-09

Yes, I know it is not Friday but somehow my unusually hectic Friday slipped past me and I didn’t even notice when… I hate it when days are gone like that… often I wonder where they went… maybe there is a special club for “lost” days… or maybe they get some sort of time orientated bonus if they pass quick and unnoticed… weird stuff… but annoying…

Anyway we had a Friday and I owe you an answer to last week’s picture.

I really enjoy reading your answers… last week amayachika guessed that it was a donkey hiding… made me smile…

A few of you were close to the truth… the only small point you got wrong was the sex… the picture was of a cow… a special holy cow… a cow not a bull… check it out…

6 09 answer6 09 answer cut

This week I have a weird shot ready for you.

Let’s see what you can make of it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy yourself.

So… who / what am I?

who am i 13 09

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  1. I know that horrible feeling when time goes by and you don’t even know where and when. Somebody says that planning your time is the best way not to loose it. Maybe it’s true, but I’m not sure I’ll never manage to do it. xxx

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