When life gets away from you…

We live in a leafy quiet close that used to be an arboretum, miles from the nearest cash point and a good 30 minute drive to a reasonable sized supermarket; in fact our noisy neighbours are a bunch of wood pigeons. It’s idyllic, quiet, safe and above all free from distractions.  Life pretty much trundles along in a relaxed fashion, little routines form like the filter coffee, email, housework and hug Bunk routine that occurs every day about 8:30am. We are lucky, and life has given me space to look to develop hobbies, interests and new experiences, hence this blog, if it interests me then odds are in my favour that it will interest someone else out there. All you have to do now is read to reach the same level of passion as me; you just have to love this digital age!

Like many others in this digital era I have moved my principle source of friendship contact in to the ether. Of course face to face contact is still the preferred option, but in day to day life it is neither practical nor even possible if you don’t live close to each other. Pop up Skype and click…click….click viola your talking to whoever you want, anywhere you want and whenever you want, did I mention you just have to love this digital age!

Then like a perfect storm, life and its peculiarities gang up and cause mayhem in your perfect little routine organised life. People come to stay, then as you wave goodbye more arrive, then more, some stay, some go, some appear to have moved in. Mark has taken with a bad wisdom tooth and awaits an operation, Bunks friend comes to stay for 2 weeks and as if that was not enough a business contact turns up on a major purchasing spree with everything required except a grasp of the English language, cue the need for a guide.

…and life gets away from you….

Fret not my friends and fellow bloggers, life will be caught up with and tamed once again. When the routine of coffee etc is re-established and I can once again return to posting you scrummy recipes, daft dog stories and reviews of things that make me go oooo.

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  1. Ugh sorry to hear about the dental surgery. I have had 2 crowns this year and thankfully root canals were avoided, but mouth pain is THE WORST.

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