#sketchtostore #stylechallenge with Come Round and French Connection

#sketchtostore #stylechallenge with Come Round and French Connection
#sketchtostore #stylechallenge with Come Round and French Connection

Last month I took part in #sketchtostore style challenge with Come Round and French Connection. Our party took place at the Cambridge store.

My guests and I (plus everyone else who took part in the party for that matter) received a 20% discount on the day plus a goodie bag which included:

  • #sketchtostore small notebook and pencil
  • St.Tropes Instant Tan
  • Ritual Yogi Flow Shower Gel
  • Box of chocolates from Lindt

It was the first time that Come Round had organized an in-store party. The idea was great but execution could maybe be better. The point of the party was to try on the new collection and thus try to re-style yourself, which was totally fantastic and tons of fun, but it is impossible to try something on if the stock is missing… and unfortunately in the Cambridge store there were a lot of sizes out of stock.

I was the most unlucky one, size wise, all the trousers which I would love to try on and potentially buy were only going up to size 12 (I need a 14, which were all sold out 🙁) so no shopping for me on the day… To make up for this situation we were given a 20% discount (to match up the discount on the day of the party) to be used at a later date, which I thought was a really nice touch from French Connection… thank you so much for that… But not everyone was as unlucky as me… some of my guests shopped till they almost dropped 🙂

Happy Shoppers
Happy Shoppers

The store staff were very nice and extremely helpful. We were greeted with a selection of drinks and snacks, which were available throughout the evening.

Despite the fact that I personally wasn’t able to buy anything I really enjoyed this event. It was a fun few hours spent with friends and surrounded by great clothes, even more fantastic shoes and accessories to die for.

Let’s hope this wasn’t just a one off and there will be more in-store parties in the future.  

But this isn’t all. Now, we have been given the chance of winning £1250 for the best group picture, so I need your help.

 So if you can, please like our picture on Facebook… and if on 13-10-2013 our picture will have the most likes from all the Cambridge shots, we will be put forward into the final voting stage to win the main prize…

*crosses all fingers, toes and eyes*

Cambridge Style Challenge  - please like this picture on FCUK Facebook page
Cambridge Style Challenge
– please like this picture on FCUK Facebook page

37 thoughts on “#sketchtostore #stylechallenge with Come Round and French Connection

  1. I’m a huge of French Connection, although it’s a bit too pricey for my budget. I think it’s always a bummer when you don’t find your desired size in your favourite shop *been there done that*. That ofcourse never stops me from browsing and drooling over its products! 😀

  2. Sounds like a great event in theory! 🙂 Would be nice to try on clothes and get a discount in case you want to buy some of them. 🙂 Good luck on the contest! I liked your photo on Facebook 🙂

  3. What a great way to make fashion fun and accessible. But boo to the fact that they didnt have your size 🙁

  4. I heard about this before hand and it sounded like it could be great fun it’s really nice to see what actually went on at the parties, such a shame they didn’t have your size I hope you manage to make up for it all at a later date and shop till you drop! x

  5. This looks like it was a fun event, even if you didn’t end up buying anything. I’m surprised they weren’t more well-stocked in a variety of sizes for such an event. But don’t feel too bad: I feel like stores are almost ALWAYS out of my size when I find something I love! LOL

  6. Oh this is a pretty funny story. I mean it’s not fun your size where out of stock and everything…but at the end it has been a great adventure and I’m happy to liked your pic. xxx

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