Who / What Am I? 11-10

Evening everyone, it is Friday which can mean only one thing – time to reveal the answer of last weeks’ tricky picture.

No one came even close to the correct answer but Momma’s Bacon was right about the play on words… we tried to give you some clues about the picture… it looks like we didn’t succeed…

So let’s have a look at the full shot.

And here it is…

4 10 who am I4 10 cut out

It was a lovely red mountain.

And if you want to know exactly which one is was; it was Kata Tjuta, also known as Mount Olga or The Olgas; a very famous red mountain from Australia.

Ok than, as we have resolved last weeks’ challenge, it is time for a new one… this time a bit more colour, and hopefully a bit easier so no word play so time to be creative.

Who / What Am I?

Who 11 10

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  1. Yeah, not even close on the last one! These do look like curtains, but that would be too easy. That blue color is throwing me off. It is so bright that I’ll guess fabric, too.

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