Facebook event – A Birthday Card for Olivia Appeal


We want to ask you for help!

Olivia is seriously ill (In 2012, on the 6th of September she was diagnosed with leukaemia).

Her biggest dream is to collect as many birthday cards as is possible. For us it is a little thing to do but it will make her very, very happy.

Just one card to see her smile; the amazing sparkle in her eyes that will burn more and more brightly with the each new card opened.

The 27th October this year is her sixth birthday.

Such little effort is needed to bring her happiness.  To see such joy, even for a moment on her little face…would be priceless.

PS we know her dream…… we have the power between us to make it come true for her.

They hope to gather the largest number of BIRTHDAY CARDS ever received for Olivia. Hopefully from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!

Olivia Gandecka
ul. M.C.Skłodowskiej 11/26
65-001 Zielona Góra

“Kindness costs so little and yet so much can be bought with it.”

SHARE THIS EVENT AND INVITE FRIENDS, the more people who know about it the more joy for Olivia!! Just remind yourselves where the nearest mailbox is!

Thank you

As of 21st Oct at 13.30hrs 56,187 cards have been sent…poor postie.

You can join the event here

40 thoughts on “Facebook event – A Birthday Card for Olivia Appeal

  1. so sad to contract a terminal disease at such a young age! i know it’s already 27th October now, but can I still send her a card? Not sure how long it will take to reach though..I’m staying in Malaysia

  2. Awww…so sweet! Tell her Happy Birthday Day from New Jersey! May God bless and keep her! Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  3. Wow. I wish Olivia all the well wishes in the world. Such a beautiful little girl, I hope she recovers from her illness.

    What a lovely post and a great act of kindness, I will do my best to get out and get a card for her, but just in case my health prevents, a very Happy Birthday to her.

    Thank you for sharing!

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