Infographic – What not to feed your pets

This one is very interesting…

I really didn’t have a clue that grapes are not good for dogs or cats.

Oh hey, we learn something new everyday.

Did you know that your pet should avoid these foods?

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0 thoughts on “Infographic – What not to feed your pets

  1. Good reminders.
    The dog of a friend was passionate about chocolate and begged or stole it at every opportunity. In spite of that he lived to a ripe old age! One can’t be too dogmatic – haha – about it, methinks.

  2. My cat will eat ANYTHING but luckily she never gets hold of any of the things on there! She has been caught with her head in a glass of wine before though.

  3. This is some really great information I will definitely be passing this blog post to a few people.!! I do not have any pets but I know this information will be very useful for whom I know that has animals. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Onions and garlic also a no-no for dogs in other than v. small amounts.

    Chocolate can be fatal to dogs in all but small doses; better not to give at all. Our Nellie ate a few little chocolates from my handbag last weekend and was extremely ill (lots of vomiting and out of control runny bottom for several days).

    In severe cases, their heart has palpitations and can stop. There is something in chocolate related to caffeine, which they cannot process as we do.

    It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

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