Who / What Am I? 08-11

Good morning!

This is a first… I actually have time today and therefore I am able to post during the day 🙂

Feels a little bit weird but hey… no point in dwelling…  time to enjoy this novelty…

Last week picture proved very popular – with 15 guesses and unfortunately… no correct answer… but…. Erika was very close…

I am going to guess a butterfly or a moth of some kind! I’m never right but there you go

To be totally honest with you I don’t really know what this picture is (not very helpful I know). I always try to use pictures which either my sister or I have taken and therefore I know about them but this one is a bit of mystery for us both. But it is just so amazing in colour that I had to use it.

It was taken by my sister and we just call it a “bug”. If anyone knows what this marvellous creature really is then please do share.

So here we go… no, not a teapot, no, not a pepper and for sure not a Christmas decoration…

full shot 1 11cut out from 1 11

I totally love the look of this little “bug”. His/hers colours are truly stunning!

And now, it is time for this week picture…

Who / What Am I?

who 08 11

Have fun and enjoy your Friday! After all it is almost weekend 😉

17 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 08-11

  1. Oh I was close! YAY! I think the little bug is a beetle! He is beautiful!

    This week I think it is a sugar basket, spun sugar?

    Love the beetle, I want one, he is so pretty! Where did you take the picture?

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