UK Winter Breaks – where would you go?

Most of us when asked about going away on holiday immediately think of summertime! I never understood why… winter is such a great time for a break. There is no crowds (or at least not as huge as during the peak summer months), prices of things like airplane or boat tickets are lower (especially if you take a trip off peak) and you can still see and visit the same places. For me most of all I think its best because I (and I believe most of us do) feel much more run down during the winter months, so we benefit from a break much more than during the summer months.

The UK is such a beautiful and diversified country. Everyone can find something they like from city breaks to countryside back to nature holidays.

We do not go away as often as we would like (who does?) mainly because we have to take 2 big furry creatures with us and this is not always an option. Sure we have a support network full of friends who will, and already have, a few times looked after the cats and dogs whilst we went away somewhere, but we know that this is not an easy task, so we try not to exhaust their good will or misuse their help.

I have a couple of ideas for some great UK winter breaks, which I would love to take:

Christmas Shopping


This break would be just for me and my sister – a trip to London to do some present shopping before Christmas.  Mark hates shopping; kids probably wouldn’t survive a day shopping as they get bored to fast… so someone has to take this “burden” on themselves. I love shopping, especially before Christmas when the streets look festive, people are generally in a good mood and the shop shelves are always stocked “to the roof”. London during the festive season is fantastic, and there is no better place for finding all your essential gifts, shopping on Oxford street and Regent street will see your Xmas to buy list shorten dramatically. But after a day of shopping it would be great to rest up somewhere for the night. St Georges Hotel on Regent Street seems to be ticking all the right boxes. It is perfectly suited for shopping trips due to its location. And if you worry about money, use the code TEN to receive a 10% discount from their standard rates.

Country Escape


For me it is the perfect type of break to relax and recharge my batteries during the busy Christmas period. Ideally I would love to go for Christmas Day. As I never spend Christmas away from home, with my extended family and our friends, I would love to experience it.  A stress free Christmas, with no worries about whether everything will go according to plan, if the food will be cook on time and with no need to please everyone around you. Wentbridge House Hotel in West Yorkshire  looks like the perfect place to celebrate festive season. The hotel is set in 20 acres of gardens and grounds which will be ideal for a nice family walk after Christmas dinner (I checked and they have Rock Lobster Bisque planned :-))And afterwards you can just sit and relax by the fire, listen to the crackles and observe the warming glow from the logs while sipping your favourite wine. Bliss, would you not agree.

Coastal Jaunt

Ox Pasture Hall in Scarborough

This is the type of break I love to take with Mark – a trip away from everyday life; perfect time to reconnect and enjoy romantic strolls on the beach and the nearby countryside.  Ox Pasture Hall in Scarborough is an excellent choice for this type of a trip. Located in 17 acres of manicured gardens and rolling grounds. As a bonus it is only 2 miles away from the seaside makes it an ideal place (weather dependent of course) for couples. And they even specialise in romantic short breaks, so flowers, chocolate, champagne on arrival are not a problem… all you have to do is ask.

And if you cannot leave your pets at home, no problems, as they are pet friendly. So grab your hat and scarf, wrap up warm and take the dogs for a long walk on the beach (regarded as the ultimate doggy Xmas present) before coming back for some lovely food and a glass of mulled wine to help restore some feeling back into your cheeks.

Dog Friendly BritanDog Friendly Holidays

Dog Friendly Britain has a lot to offer. You can find dog friendly accommodation to meet your requirements from self catering cottages to hotels which offer full included service. As essential read for any pet loving, holiday seeking family.

So, where would you go?

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  1. For me, I would go for somewhere with winter cause Malaysia has no winter, would love to experience the winter season.. 🙂

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  2. I would like the shopping trip, but that’s not easy with Easy. Think UK is the most dogfriendly country in europe, where you can find specially parking lots where your dogs are guarded or so much B&B’s what offer fenced areas for your dogs?

    1. Oh they do… This is why I like Dog Friendly Britain, it shows you exactly what type of pet you can bring with you – how big and how many…
      We have been refused a place once before after we said that we have a Newfoundland…

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