Who / What Am I? 29-11

I must admit I didn’t expect any correct answers to last week’s mystery picture, but … you got it right yet again (curses).  Ari was the first person who guessed the correct answer. Last week’s picture was in fact a lighthouse… have a look…

Who am I - lighthouseWho Am I cut out 22 11_edited-1

Did you know that the oldest lighthouse in the UK still stands in the grounds of Dover Castle? The Roman Emperor Caligula ordered the tower to be built there in AD 90.
Another trivia fact for your next pub quiz: Which lighthouse has the most doors and how many? The answer is: the Tour d’Ordre, an old Roman lighthouse built at Boulogne in France – it had 96 doors 🙂 and no map!
Today I have for you something with much less colour.
Are you ready?
… I will take it as a “yes”…
so… Who / What Am I?

who am I 29 11
Have fun, do not be shy with your guesses and enjoy your weekend!

13 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 29-11

  1. I have never been good at these types of games :(. However, just because everyone says it is a pancake, I am going to say it is not. On the other hand I do not have another guess.

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