Who / What Am I? 13-12

Hello Everyone,

Friday the 13th today! Woot, I hope it will be a lucky one… not that I believe in superstitions but hey…better safe than sorry… just in case, I am staying indoors today… I ran around doing all my errands yesterday so today can be a quiet day in… though still have to look after poorly Mark, who is doing better… Thank you all for a good wishes last week.

The picture from last week was a cheeky one… all of you saying that it was some Wotsits or Cheetos were almost right. It was a shot of a crispy snack, to be exactly it was a Green Pea Snack. I thought the colour may cause you to pause, even if it was only to note my dodgy picture taking skills. All I can say is some of you would be happy to eat some very suspicious looking Wotsits.

Let’s have a look…

who what am I full shotwhao what am i  cut out 7 12

Green Pea Snacks surprisingly, are made from green peas and we found that it is a very good way to feed kids some veggies, as most refuse to eat them in their standard, original form. Yes, I know it is not ideal but better this than nothing I would argue. We bought them while browsing in our local Thai food store. Something else we got there – banana chips, which are 97% banana, covered in 3% of the obligatory sugar. Doesn’t sound so bad… they are a good alternative for the kid who doesn’t even want to look at a banana, but will happily sit and eat a handfuls of these yummy crunchy chips… kids hey…

But enough about feeding the next generation… time for this week mystery picture…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I Friday 13 12

Have a super weekend and don’t let the fact that it is less than 2 weeks to Xmas get to you in the slightest.

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  1. Oh well, I got the snack part right. Peas instead of caterpillars and I would have been spot on!
    This one looks like the tall end of an insect, but the grass seems out of proportion.

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