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Thermal Leggings by Heat HoldersThe weather is bad, it is cold and windy, and it is time to wear weather appropriate clothing.

Being an outdoorsy person, who doesn’t really get the option of skipping a daily walk due to bad weather I am a big fan of thermal clothing. They keep your warm and cosy even during the most unpredictable and awful moments outside.

For me leggings, in general, are very useful and are always at the core of my wardrobe. They are comfortable to wear and can be matched on 100s of different ways with other clothes to achieve your desired look. Add some comfy T-Shirt or a hoodie and you have a sport look, match it with nice over-sized top and you are ready to meet your friends or if you need a more sophisticated look add some heels and a blouse or a skimpy sweater 😉 the possibilities are endless so they never get boring.

When winter knocked on our doorstep my standard, every day leggings stopped being so “user friendly”, simply because I was cold while outside and having a freezing wind going right through you is not a pleasant feeling. For this moment Heat Holders have a perfect solution – the Ultimate Thermal Leggings.

Heat Holders

These super warm, super cosy Heat Holders thermal leggings have a soft brushed inside, which maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin. Wear out and about this winter for warm legs!

These leggings are made from an advanced insulating yarn that provides high performance insulation against the cold. They also feature a comfort gusset which improves fit and adds comfort for all-day wear.

These Leggings have a TOG rating of 0.52! What does ‘TOG RATING’ mean? Well, TOG is a recognised measure of a textile’s thermal ability. Simply put, the higher the TOG rating, the better a products is able to keep you warm.

These Heat Holders Leggings are truly something. They are extremely soft to the touch and feel very inviting (yes, I know it is a weird word to use but this is exactly what they make me think). They are true to its size. I received size M, which should match UK size 12-14 and with me wearing UK14 bottoms most of the time they fit perfectly. They are very well finished; all rounded up and with elasticated edges. The whole leggings (except for the elasticated edges) are brushed inside, making them soft and warm straight from the beginning (I don’t know about you but I have owned a few pairs of leggings which were stiff and felt cold upon putting them or as I would say uninviting… these are the opposite…).

Thermal Leggings Heat Holders

Thermal Leggings

My pair is the aubergine one, which currently seems to be out of stock on Heat Holders website but not to worry there are still the desirable black ones available 🙂

Heat Holders Thermal Leggings are priced at £8 (+pp unless you will spend £30 or more to qualify for free postage), which I believe is a real bargain when comparing them to other companies products. At this price you can get one from your local superstore, but why would you do that if you can have a pair of Heat Holders? It is worth remembering that this is all that Heat Holders do, they specialize in manufacturing thermals. Their current product lines include: socks (men’s, ladies, kids and extra long ski socks), leggings, tights, hat, gloves and thermal underwear. If you are in need of some extra warmth this winter I would highly recommend considering Heat Holders; they have not let me down and they will not let you down.


I received a pair of Heat Holders leggings for review purpose. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

28 thoughts on “Review –Thermal Leggings by Heat Holders

  1. oh i would absolutely love to get a pair of these thermal leggings by heat holders!! i am on my way to check their site out 😀 great review! GIG

  2. it’s true, leggings are very comfy. So stretchy and adaptable (much more than a jeans); they can look good with boots and UGG (I’m one of those who love them); if they can be warm too…they are the winner of the closet :). Happy Monday

  3. I bought some thermal leggings from Uniqlo for our trip to Japan but sadly they weren’t very effective, even if I wore them under my jeans! My legs still felt pretty cold.

  4. I wonder if wearing these would help my leg pains and hip pains i suffer from fibromylaga and arthritis I am I pain 24/7

  5. You know I’m really starting to think I need some of these I’m so cold right now (we have the heating on, I have extra layers on and a blanket over me). x

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