Review – Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and Polish

Everyone who knows us in real life will tell you that we are very caring people, who look after our properties very well and with love… but maybe the same cannot be said about our cars 🙁 I really have no idea why this is but our cars tend to always be a bit neglected. Don’t get me wrong, they are fully functional and safe to drive – this part we do take care of – but when it comes to cleanliness, that’s different story… Normally when I think about washing my car I can almost immediately see half of my day gone and dirty, sweaty me at the end of it… buckets, sponges, shampoos, buffing cloths, not to mention a hose pipe which I have to run through the whole of the back garden to the front of the house… in my humble opinion a nightmare… this is why our cars always look like we dragged them through a hedge backwards or that we have just finished the RAC rally in them… Yes, we do go to a car wash sometimes but they just scratch your car and most of the time do rather poor job anyways…

Greased-Lightning-LogoSo, what’s the solution for other people like me with an overwhelming aversion to cleaning the car? I was thinking that there is none, but I was actually wrong. There is something called Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and Polish. My first thought when I was offered to review it was “Nope, that’s not going to happen…” but then I took some time to read about the product and I actually started to get a weird novel emotion, I started to feel like I couldn’t wait to try it out. On paper it sounds amazing, thats marketing departments for you, so I really wanted to check for myself if I can in fact have a nice shiny clean car without all the usual hassle which normally comes with cleaning it. So, here we go… quite possibly the first time ever, me washing a car with a smile on my face…

The next day after I had agreed to test the product, my parcel arrived. This was it, the moment of truth… the product which could change my entire thinking about a chore I hate so much that I simply refuse to do it… unless really pressed to the wall with an earth shattering crisis like visiting parents… I think if my dad would see the everyday state of our cars he would be shocked, or at the very least disappointed in me.

my parcel

When I opened my parcel I had received the starter kit – Showroom Shine 1 Litre Bottle + 2 Microfibre Cloths. It came securely packed within a clearly marked box. Inside was my bottle of “magic” yellow liquid and cloths. I was pleasantly surprised by how much care the company took to deliver the product to you in a perfect condition. The bottle and spray gun come separate – to avoid any unwanted spillage in transit; to add to this as a belt and braces the bottle has extra protection in form of being packed in extra foil bag… on top of that there is an extra protective tap inside the bottle, which further reduces any chances of leaking, really rather clever and very thoughtful.

So, I opened my parcel, took everything out, inspected it all and put all the parts together and so I was ready to clean my car! I was ready, however the wettest January since records began in 1910 ensured that the skies where not. Due to the endless pouring rain for days and weeks I have actually not had a chance to do it… that is until this morning…so finally here we go….

Ready for action! Remember to shake it well...
Ready for action!
Remember to shake it well…

So what does Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and Polish actually do and what you can achieve whilst using it?

Water free and hassle free – you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Oh yes, this is so true. I actually cleaned my car this morning whilst walking the dogs 🙂 I mean dogs were walking themselves and I stayed in the car park keeping one eye on them and one eye focused on polishing the car while they do their doggie round up of smelling thingies.

Easy to use – spray on, use 1 cloth to wipe the dirt and 1 cloth to buff.

Yes! Check that is so true too; only three easy steps and the job is done. I still cannot believe that all it takes is to spray, wipe all the dirt off with one cloth and then buff with the other cloth. Simple.

Greased Lightning How To use it guideCleans, polishes and protects giving a showroom shine finish.

It is actually amazing how quick you can turn something all grey and covered in mud and Newfoundland gloop into a showroom silver shiny surface again. I can’t stop looking at it.

No streaks, smears, scratches or water spots.

You will see in my pictures that some streaks persist but I think they are left behind more due to poor buffering skills on my part than a product failure… as I said before I could only use one eye to focus on the task at hand as the other was having to constantly check on the dogs… also, and this is fact not fantasy, I did it in full glaring sunlight (yes, I repeat you are reading that right, we did have a peek at the sun in UK this morning) which I think gave me a bit of a glare hence missing the spots, well that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it.

Safe for use on all types of paint.

Not sure about that statement as I do not own a fleet of cars, but I have no reason to doubt it.

Enough in 1 bottle to clean and polish 8-10 average family sized cars.

I can believe it. I washed an E320 estate and it hardly made any “dent” in contents of the bottle, so it will last for a little while yet.

Boot before and after
Boot before and after
And some more before and after :-)
And some more before and after 🙂

I would never have thought that I could get so excited about a car washing product… but I totally love Greased Lightning. Now, I am off to wash our 2nd car and then maybe I will have a go at Marks motorbike 🙂

If you, like me, hate washing your car or simply want an easy way of doing it Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and Polish is the one you should try. Priced at £17.99 (+pp) is a real steal for what it does. In summer when the inevitable hose pipe ban comes again… you will not care, as you don’t need anything else to keep your car sparkly clean.

I totally love this product, so this review gets linked into Tried and Tested, because we all should be using it. The only downside to the morning is that Mark keeps reminding me there are other words in the English language besides brilliant and amazing, and that maybe I should try using some of them…

Thank you Greased Lightning!


I received a starter kit for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.

31 thoughts on “Review – Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and Polish

  1. Absolutely brilliant product!! Just one question guys….can you wash out the microfibre cloths when dirty, or do you have to purchase new ones every so often?

  2. Does not work so well on bird poo it does leave residue behind especially when the bird deposit is dried hard on. Disappointed to say the least

  3. I also have been using grease lightning for some years and rate this product very highly.Car cleaning has never been such a pleasure,thanks grease lightning.

  4. Wow that was ѕtranǥe. I jst wrote an really long comment but after I clicke ѕubmit my commeոt
    didո’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all hat over again.

    Regardless, just wanteԁ to say fantastic blog!

  5. I’v been using “Greased Lightning Showroom Shine” since 2005, when I bought a new car. Still got the car and it looks as good now as it did when I first drove out of the showroom. (no pun intended) ;-{]

  6. It certainly seems easy enough to do and the results are great. I tend to treat my car like a big purse on wheels – and it gets so messy sometimes. It could use a bit of attention.

  7. Our cars were a dirty mess until today when OH gave them a clean. Still need the insides doing mind, I think one actually has things growing in it.

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