Today is the day!

Today is the day we finally were able to order a new oven!

Oh happy times!

For a few years now, every few months we have debated whether to buy a new oven or not… as we really do need one. Every time we undertook this discussion we ended up thinking “oh, maybe sometime in the near future we will have enough money to do the entire kitchen all together…” and that was the end of it… end of the discussion and thus the old oven stayed in place and struggled on, every time Mark is cooking or baking I have to listen to him moaning about it, he does it under his breath but I hear him.

But something happened… a few days ago my lovely parents called and told me that they are going to buy us a new oven as it looks like we are not able to make this decision. At first we went straight back to our usual chain of thoughts… “nah, this will do until we can get something we really want”, but my dad wasn’t happy with this train of thinking and he wouldn’t accept it, so… here we go – we are getting a new oven.

Some research on the net and we finally settled for a lovely red one from New World. Luckily for us I was able to find one on a great offer, delivery, installation and recycling of the old one included 🙂

Our new oven! Picture source
Our new oven!
Picture source

All monies have now been paid and so we are in the awful waiting stage. It should be arriving on our door step within the next 21 days!

The kitchen is not my favourite place in the house but I am so happy! No more leaking oven and undercooked bakes because it didn’t keep the temperature as it should. I can almost visual all the lovely food we will create in it once it is here… there will be totally no excuse for not baking no more!

It is good to wait for things sometimes and hope and dream… but like my dad said “sometimes you just have to take what life gives you”… at this point, in our case we are getting a new oven!

Thank you Dad!

Thank you Mum!

We will bake you proud 🙂

23 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. I dream of a new oven……hubby works for a kitchen company and went on a training course with Neff……..all he does is moan about ours now lol

  2. It’s so hard agonising over these things, whether to wait it out or just make the change now. I hope you are happy when it arrives, the red looks fantastic!

  3. I so know how you feel. We need a new kitchen but can’t afford it. Our oven would helpfiully switch itself off half way through cooking. But we had the same situation, my parents bought us a new oven too. They wanted to be able to cook something while dogsitting lol.
    Hope yours turns out well

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