Who / What Am I? 07/02

So January came and went and we have already passed the first week of February… scary how the time is flying by…

The more I write Who / What Am I? for you, more amazed I am by it all.

Let me explain…

Last week’s picture was in fact a shot of some peeled potatoes just soaking in the water, but some of you said it looked like a marbled surface and you know what… the more I stare at the picture the more I can see it… I am loosing the sight of the spuds and all I can see is a shiny black surface with some whitish freckles in it… the power of suggestion? Or Am I loosing it? Now I actually have no idea where these potatoes are in my kitchen… this is my picture and I took it but I am not able to work out where… Last week when I was adding this picture I was sure they are just soaking before going to boiled or be cut for chips or some other fantastic “trip” we had planned for them, but now… I am not so sure… Maybe they are not in some water but just laying on our marble island surface… I am stumped and totally unsure and Mark said that he doesn’t have any idea… so here you go… I published a mystery picture to which even I do not know the answer… outstanding…

Who what am I 31 01 answerWho what am I 31 01 cut out answer

For this week picture I picked something with no chances of any confusion later on… I know the answer to it and there is no way you can prove me wrong  😉

So, here you go…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 7 01 2014

Have an awesome weekend every one!

Take care


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