This weather is killing me!

… ok ok, maybe not exactly killing me but it is for sure killing the part of me which is responsible for energy levels… I wake up tired, spend my whole day tired, go to sleep tired, but wake up hopeful that now tomorrow has arrived it will be a nice new day… then I realise it is still raining and the weather person says it’s going to carry on raining for days to come… and the cycle begins… day after day…forever…

Please stop raining already!

Enough is enough!

It was fun in the beginning but now this is really not much fun anymore… from one strong cup of coffee to the next, with some energy boosting drinks between and still… all I want to do is a Big Fat Nothing! I have so many plans and outstanding work, reading, writing and all I can do is nothing! I seem to spend all my energy reserves just trying to stay awake… but when I go to sleep I do not sleep because I am not really tired, as I did nothing all day…

I wish it would stop raining!

Winters are always hard on my energy levels but this, what is happening now out there is just totally over the top… I knew when I moved to the UK that it is known as a wet country but OMG! Enough is enough! I swear even the ducks are complaining!

We have already had our own private drama connected to this awesome weather – I refer to our leaking roof – and I thought that once this is sorted I will be able to relax a bit and calm down and enjoy myself… but no… the rain is still pouring down from the sky and I think I am loosing it!

So please Mother Nature – STOP!

Move on!

Go somewhere where the rain is really needed!

You have outstayed your welcome here!

Then I watch the news and my heart goes out to all those people whose homes now have the rain inside up to their waists, ruined Christmases, ruined New Years, probably many ruined birthdays and anniversaries not to mention ruined lives for many. Their life collections of memorabilia and memories forever tarnished by the relentless assault by Mother Nature, and I well up with sorrow. It puts our leaky roof in to perspective… I think this may not only be the wettest winter for 250 years but it’s a big enough catastrophe to be remembered and talked about for the next 250 years.

So now I feel lucky, but I stand by my earlier statement


24 thoughts on “This weather is killing me!

  1. I suffer very badly from SAD, and my energy levels (and mood) have been low since Christmas. Make the most of the times when there is a bit of sun and clear sky, go out for a walk – the fresh air and bright light will definitely make a difference.

  2. It’s absolutely miserable. I actually got BLOWN OVER last night leaving work. Honestly. And I am NOT a little person. It’s horrible!!

  3. Yup – fed up with the weather too…I can just see the sunshine poking through and starting to shine through the window…it instantly perks me up and I know for a fact that the weather really affects the way I feel and my behaviour. Bring on summer – and lots and LOTS of sunshine and heat!

  4. I am so fed up with this weather too. It isn’t just the wind, or the rain but it is the constant moaning and blaming too. I had to switch off the TV yesterday as people were throwing abuse at each other because they were looking for someone to v=blame!

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