Not so ordinary Tuesday

It all started just past 7am.

The phone rang… still half asleep I reached for it and started to listen to someone on the other end… I had no idea what they want… all I could think was “it is Saturday, what could you possibly want” and then it hit me, no it is not Saturday, it is Marks day off so it must be Tuesday… coming out of my own thoughts all I could hear was a man explaining to me “you know an iron… the thing you use to iron your clothes…” suddenly I knew what was happening… it was the courier guy trying to check if I will be home in 10 minutes time as he is coming with a delivery… “Obviously I would be home, I am still half asleep” I thought to myself and relayed to the guy that “yes, of course I will be home, see you in 10”. So it was time to get up, wash and get dressed… by this time the dogs were fully awake too, so it must be walk time in their minds. 10 minutes later I was outside waiting for the lovely courier man. He came and went away, leaving me with a giant box containing my brand new iron I won last Wednesday in a Twitter competition.

So off for a walk we went… by this time it was raining again (shock I know) and then just for laughs it rained some more… this made me unhappy as I slipped on some summer crocs – it was not raining when I left home just 5 minutes ago… I love crocs but not on a muddy field full of puddles, for puddles read 100s of small lakes – the field was now extremely slippery, so my walk pace turned into a crawl… oh boy, how much fun can you have…

I finally reached home again only to discover that there is no semi skimmed milk in the fridge, which would only mean one thing – no morning coffee for me… in part due to being too lazy to go out in the rain again to get my milk I decided to use Marks milk, the full fat one… it doesn’t taste right… I did not enjoy my coffee at all! Mark just sighed.

Peachy mood achieved, after my morning of excitement it was then capped off with the cherry of Mark telling me that we have to go shopping (as the fridge is empty and our stock cupboard has seen better days as well) and whilst we are out and about we should go see Gran… so off again we went in a rain…no crocs this time, I learnt my lesson (Mark didn’t!).

Half way to the shops Mark decided that he doesn’t really want to go shopping first as he needs more coffee ice-cream (he does makes a lot of milk shakes these days and my brother in law ate all coffee flavoured ice-cream last time he was here)… this wasn’t the plan… we always do this things in order… shopping then Gran… it makes sense as we always get her some bits… I hate changes in my plans which work, but hey ho… therefore we decided to stop at a small shop and pick just the Gran type bits up – mints, bananas, some crisps, cookies etc… you know all the “lovely” food 99 years old Gran’s might fancy…

Mid way destination reached, we are at Grans… but hey wait… something is wrong… that hissing sound when you stand near the car is not normal right? OMG! WTF! WE GOTTA FLAT! Yes folks that’s right, we got a flat tyre! In the rain, I mean you couldn’t make this stuff up…

We had parked the car just in front of the building where Gran lives and decided to go see Gran first as it was raining, again, did I mention the rain?… sometime later the rain stopped, briefly… by this time I had called our next door neighbour (our lovely pocket sized pet mechanic) who inspected the car for us when we were buying it, just to check if we even had a spare tyre… as it ended up we did have a spare… with the rain temporary not pouring down we went to “play” with the tyres… sometime later tyre was “fixed”… ok, not properly fixed – but fixed to the point that it will take us to our local garage… also known as the don’t go over 50 get you to the garage tyre, I am sure it has a technical name but  don’t know it.

How to change a tyre

So a quick run upstairs just to say goodbye to Gran and off to the garage we went…

You need two tyres said the nice bald mechanic who fixes our car at the garage, as he poked the tyre that was not broken, “I have more tread than that does”, always a comedian when they empty your wallet hey.

OK can we please have two new tyres then, please?

Oooo hmmm ohhh that size… no you cannot buy them today, I can order them in for you… tomorrow any good for you?

So here we go…

£200 later with no tyres and no use of the car till tomorrow and still no shopping done! And a grumpy Mark because we didn’t get the ingredients for the dinner he wanted to make..

This is my day so far!

How is yours going?

32 thoughts on “Not so ordinary Tuesday

  1. wow what a sucky day! We always wait until the treads gone before buying new tyres – they are so damn expensive! Hope your day has been a bit better today! x

  2. That sounds kinda disastrous! If it makes you feel any better I’ve had a pretty bad year so far… Blue lighted to hospital in the night, 5 ECGs, X-rays, and now a back injury. Luck required all round I think 😉 x

  3. There must be something in the stars today as I have had a pretty shocking day too but not as bad as a walk in the pouring rain and a flat tyre so you have my sympathies. I hope things get better from here x

  4. One of those “why did I bother getting up today?” days! Since moving back to the UK from the French Riviera I only ever walk our dog in wellies. Even in August. I’m not getting caught out by the British weather!

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