Who / What Am I? 28/03

And the piglets win the day!
Yes, this is true; all of you who bet on piglets last week were right.
Have a look…

Who What Am I answer to 21 03 (2)Who What Am I cut out answer to 21 03 (2)
Did you know that pigs are extraordinarily intelligent? They are curious and insightful animals who are widely accepted as being smarter than young children of at least 3 years of age, dogs, and even some primates. And despite the common perception pigs are very clean, keeping their toilet area far away from where they lie down and eat. Even newborn piglets will leave the nest to go to the toilet within hours of birth.*
I have never had a close encounter with a pig or even a piglet but one day I would like to check for myself if what Winston Churchill famously said is true; he said that “Dogs look up to man. Cats look down to man. Pigs look us straight in the eye and see an equal.” Is it true? Would you agree?

This week marks a huge milestone for me.
Tomorrow Bark Time will be 1 year old! Woot!
I cannot believe it’s been a whole year already.
I am celebrating my blogoversary by attending the TrendLife Magazine annual Three Counties Bloggers Meet in Milton Keynes. The full agenda has been delivered and it looks like a lot of fun is to be had.

But before I go I have a new picture puzzle for you.
I really want to know what you can make from this one 🙂
Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 28 03 2014

Have a lovely weekend everyone and speak soon!

26 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 28/03

  1. My daughter has a bit of a pig obsession at the moment thanks to Peppa Pig! Will have to take her to the farm.

    Happy blog birthday!

    I am with the others on this weeks photo – I say fox?

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