Self indulgent – hot chocolate (or a cold one)

My Hot ChocolateWe all have weaknesses, for me it is chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate or a dark chocolate, with or without nuts… you pick it and I will love it.

Yes as a semi enlightened and well read person I do know what too much chocolate can do to your body, so I have to limit myself… sometimes this is not so easy… or I have to compromise… I found that having a mug of a hot chocolate or a chilled chocolate drink can make my craving go away… at least for a while 😉

Like with all cravings if we want something badly we want it now, right now so making hot chocolate from scratch is not an ideal option… and here come the perfect solution – powdered hot chocolate drink… all you need is to add some milk or water and it is done!

I had a chance to try some new hot chocolate drinks made by Mars. The selection is very impressive and everyone can pick their favourite I am sure of it.

Selection of hot chocolates from Mars
There is a choice of:

  • Mars hot or cold
  • Galaxy hot or cold
  • Maltesers add milk or water
  • Galaxy Carmel add milk or water
  • Galaxy Ripple with chocolate pieces
  • Milky Way Magic Stars with chocolate pieces

Chilled shakes from Mars

And for fans of chilled drinks there is an awesome selection of thick shakes, which come in flavour matching the famous chocolate sweets: Galaxy, Mars and Maltesers.

For me it was The Perfect review product. Tasty and chocolaty! Yummy

Magic Stars

We tried them all but I think we had the most fun with Milky Way Magic Stars and guess what there are star shaped pieces of chocolate inside the pack? How cool is that!

Milky Way Magic Star

All these drinks (excluding chilled shakes of course) come in a handy treat-size pouch. Each pouch contains 126g-175g of powdered chocolate which will make 7 servings. It can stand up, when you need it too or it can be flatted down for storage. Each pouch is resealable, so your hot chocolate powder stays fresh until next time you have a need for it. They are available at Tesco, Asda and Ocado, but I am sure very shortly more stores will stock it.

My Morning chocolate coffee

I have found the perfect solution to fight my chocolate cravings. Every morning I drink milk only coffee (no water included) and I add a spoon of my hot chocolate to it… in one drink I get both caffeine and chocolate mix – perfect start to every day.

Are you a fan of a hot chocolate?

* I received a selection of products to try for free. All opinions about the products are honest and my own.

38 thoughts on “Self indulgent – hot chocolate (or a cold one)

  1. I LOVE hot chocolate, but I’ve overdosed on chocolate eggs today so the thought isn’t quite as enticing as it would be otherwise!

  2. I love hot chocolate with frothy milk (or marshmallows) on the top. I just use plan chocolate powder because I’ve found the flavoured ones a disappointment in the past, could you tell a difference between them?

  3. I do love a hot chocolate when it’s cold. I love the idea of having the mini stars in it. I must admit though, my downfall is bars of good quality chocolate. I can’t have them in the house, or I’d eat a whole one at a time and be even bigger than I am!!!

  4. Oh I never think to have a hot chocolate as I usually tend to choose a latte or green tea in coffee shops, but I’m feeling a little poorly today and would really love one now! 😉
    Katie x

  5. i think for me hot chocolate is more like a treat, as i consciously dont want to ruin my stomach or to put on weight, but as a one of every month it will do)

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