Who / What Am I? 09/05

Good afternoon everyone!

Let me start with big thank you for all your tips last week. The flu has gone and I hope it will not come back any time soon.

Now that I am up and running again I have a lot to catch up with… the project for today is some homemade dog food and maybe some nice cookies for us as I have an awesome new cookbook – Make Bake Cookies!

Last week to my huge surprise we had a few correct answers. Jen, Easy, Sonia and Rollercoaster Mum were all correct with guessing feathers / bird.

Well done guys!

Who What Am I answer to 2 05Who What Am I cut out answer to 2 05

To be honest I don’t have a clue what this bird is. All I know is that it is huge and it looks scary!

If any of you happen to know what bird it is please let us all know.

For this week I cut for you a really odd looking thing. And no, it is not an alien, believe me.

Have a look.

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 9 05

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sun (if there is any sun where you are). We in the UK are supposed to be having sunny weather with some gusting showers, so nothing out of the ordinary there… let’s hope there will be more sun than rain this weekend.

Have fun guys!

25 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 09/05

  1. Wow, that is a hard one, I’m sure that’s bubbles in the background but then I see someone say snow! It does look like a fruit cut in half, but who could cut that perfectly for the stem!? Whatever it is, looks like it may be attached at the bottom!? This is going to bug me now lol x

I love all comments :-)