#SmartBuy – Kitchen Roll and Dog Poop Bags

When it comes to shopping and saving money we all have our tricks. I would like to share with you two of mine… just to start with…

Actually this post was prompt by an overheard conversation that a dog owner is not going to clean up after his pooch because poop bags are too expensive… what a lot of rubbish!

Poop bags when bought in a smart way cost almost nothing!

So what is my secret? – get a superstore own brand nappy bags. They come in lot of 300 and cost around £0.30 – £0.35 for the lot – bargain isn’t? That’s much cheaper than buying bags which are advertised as a dog poop bags. Really what’s the difference? A bag is a bag! And with a nappy bag you can have a nice bonus as in most cases they are scented, you see… only benefits 😉

Nappy bags make perfect dog poop bags
Nappy bags make perfect dog poop bags

Second item on the shopping agenda is a kitchen roll.

Now sure if you use them in your household, but we sure do. We didn’t use to as Mark always wants to find ways to save the trees, so we were just using a proper fabric kitchen towels like a J cloth and a dishcloths but with the arrival of a Newfie in the house we kind of have no option… life without a stack of kitchen roll is just a nightmare when you own a gloopy dog.

So we got a Newfoundland and started buying kitchen rolls. It didn’t take long before we were wondering about getting some shares in some kitchen roll manufacturing company to help save some money… we needed it constantly and the rolls bought in your superstore don’t last for long… even the one advertised as extra long or as extra absorbent. So one day whilst at Costco Mark suggested that we get an industrial strength kitchen roll we got the one from Tork, you know those huge while rolls you see in every burger van or most likely in your place of work… I was not impressed with the idea as they are huge and bulky but I agreed to give it a try. OMG, this was one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding household items purchase. Yes, they are bulky and yes, they do not look so sexy but they last forever… and comparing their price to your standard superstore kitchen rolls they are ending up being less than a quarter of the price.

It may looks horrible but it works like no other
It may looks horrible but it works like no other

So here you have it, my 2 cents on how to shop smart and save some money during this crazy recession time.

Do you have any smart buy tips?

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36 thoughts on “#SmartBuy – Kitchen Roll and Dog Poop Bags

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  2. i am not a dog owner, so don’t really know about these things. All I can say is that nappy sacs are extremely versatile.

  3. A couple of bargain buys there – I shop around and pick up bargains when I see them. We have a new shop open locally called Home Bargains and its fab!

  4. I honestly think that anyone who says that poop bags are too expensive is just finding an excuse to avoid picking it up! Kitchen roll is a must in this house but we do but the cheap stuff. Great tips here, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I am going to start carrying some extra nappy bags with me and handing them out to dog owners I have seen who claim they haven’t got a bag with them so there is nothing they can do about their dog’s business 🙁

  6. Oh wow, what a great idea about the kitchen roll! I’d have never thought of that 🙂 my smart shopping tip is to try and make several smaller shops each week so you buy only what you need for a few days. I find we waste a lot less that way!

    1. Great tips I may look into the giant kitchen roll idea, as we are always running low. Sorry wordpress will not allow me to leave a comment unless I do it this way by replying on a current comment.

  7. I’ve used nappy sacks as poop bags since we got our woof, it works out so much cheaper. I don’t have a membership for Costco, as we don’t run a business and so don’t have a VAT no, but they do sell the big rolls in the supermarket so I will work out if they’re cheaper next time I need to buy some.

  8. I definitely need to check out these value nappy bags! I bought loads from Aldi when they were on special buys but now I’m running a bit low xx

  9. I bought two of this giant rolls in my junk-store. they are just great, we can use it for all reasons, even for an elephant what has the runs :o) one roll was just 3 euro’s, sadly they were sold in zilch :O)

    1. Oh Easy! Your comment really made me laugh!
      Can you imagine a notice on the packaging “tested on elephant with runs” 😉
      Do you want me to ship you some on your side of the pond?

      1. we still have our two rolls ( by now the elephant wasn’t here lol). dad said,the car-guy will give us a new roll when he makes his new order. I only need an idea how we could fix the roll on the wall or somewhere. the common roll holders are too small for those big thingies :o)

  10. When I had a dog I used nappy bags too, the scented ones were especially good as saved wandering round smelling poo-ey too! There really is no excuse not to pick up after your dog, I have had three dogs over my life and always cleared up behind them, really annoys me that a few lazy owners give us all a bad name!

  11. great tips. My mother-in-law does that for poop scoop bags. It so annoys me when people don’t clear up after their dogs – like you say there is no excuse really. That kitchen roll tip is a good one to remember too – thank you! x

  12. These are great tips. I laughed at the comment about dog poop bags being so expensive. Really, I didn’t know that just het name of a dog poop bag would make it expensive.

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