Alphabet Project | B is for Bunk

Alphabet Project  B is for Bunk

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27 thoughts on “Alphabet Project | B is for Bunk

  1. Oh wow he’s just glorious! His stature reminds me of the St Bernards my grannie had when I was a child. What a great dog. Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  2. Ash the Dog says – What a splendid chap. We would love to invite him to be an honorary member of the GL Gang. He’s amazing. Please check out my Dogged Determination over on kid GL loves this week. I’m looking to feature other bloggers doggies next week and would definitely like to include this fine fellow. #alphabetphoto

    1. Did you ever watch “The Wire”?
      The is a character called Bunk Moreland… if you watched the series you will know why it is a suitable name for a Newfoundland 🙂

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