Infographic – Manuka Honey – How to buy a real deal

Following on from my last year post about Manuka honey, that many of you seem to love, I came across this wonderful infographic from GreenBay that I wanted to share with you. It gives a no nonsense outline of what officially makes a honey a Manuka honey.

Educate yourselves so you don’t fall prey to the cynical marketing companies approach that if the jar of honey passed a Manuka plant on the way to the shops it must be a Manuka honey!

It is not cheap, so if you’re going to spend your life savings to buy a pot and reap the benefits of the medicinal properties of this glorious honey then make sure you are getting the authentic article.


9 thoughts on “Infographic – Manuka Honey – How to buy a real deal

  1. My husbands gran used to swear by Manuka honey and she lived to be 100. I never realised there was a market in people selling it when it was not authentic. Thanks for the information, very useful!

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