Who / What Am I? 27/06

Hello everyone,

How you all doing? Are you ready for the weekend ahead of us?

Last week I showed you only half of the picture – have a look at the full shot and I will tell you what this is…

Who What Am I answer to 20 06Who What am I answer to 20 06 cut out

The “mystery” something was a wall, but not just any wall… oh no… This wall was built from yak poop.

In Tibet they collect it, dry it by building walls like this and then use it during winter time as fuel.

Clever recycling isn’t it?

New shot for this week is yellow… very yellow…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 27 06

Have a lovely weekend!

16 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 27/06

  1. They do the same thing in India with cow poop. It’s not actually very antihygenic since both are rumiants and there aren’t harmfull bacterial in the poop. But still, wouldn’t want it on my wall.

  2. Oh my, Yak poop was going to be my second guess. Shucks. I am guess egg yolks. Thanks for another interesting post.

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