Who / What Am I? 11/07

Good Evening,

I was hoping to post earlier today but hey ho… you do not always get what you want, right?

Last weeks’ picture received some interesting answers but none of them where correct. I assumed that it would be hard to guess as the tail could really belong to many animals, but… this particular tail belongs to a White Wallaby, have a look…

Who What am I answer to 4 07Who What am I cut out answer to 4 07

Few facts about wallaby:

They are very similar to the Kangaroo, yet different enough to get their own name 🙂

They can jump a very long distance and their long tail helps them to keep their balance.

They are very social creatures (or at least most of the species). They live in groups and will fight to protect one another.

They eat grass, fruit and all other form of vegetation. In some parts of Australia they are considered a pest, due to the amount of crops they consume 🙁

The average lifespan of a wallaby in the wild is 9 years.

And no, they are not miniature kangaroos as some people tend to call them. *

I think they are very cute looking little fellas, what do you think?


As for this week’s picture I have for you this shot…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 11 07 2014

Don’t be shy… have a guess and enjoy your weekend.

It looks like it will be a wet one here in UK… for a change 😉

21 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 11/07

  1. I love this blog already!

    It looks like it might be some kind of tree, fish or a lizard.

    Hippos are usually dark grey and I don’t think that they have spots, but obviously correct me if I am wrong. It could possibly be an elephant but the lack of a clue here suggests that it might be more something that’s based around those lips in the.. texture?

  2. Never heard of the white wallaby! I once saw a picture of an albino peacock which looked striking! Now back to this photo, I have to agree with the above guess of an elephant.

I love all comments :-)