Alphabet Project | O is for Obedient

Obedient? I really don’t think so πŸ™

I just wonder:

Why dogs are drawn to coffee so much?

Alphabet Project  O is for Obedient

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15 thoughts on “Alphabet Project | O is for Obedient

  1. Oh no! The dog has certainly left its mark there! Hope it didn’t take too long to clear up. Bet the dog gave you their best beseeching brown eyes look afterwards πŸ™‚ #alphabetphoto

  2. Hahahha. My fiances family’s labradoodle is a total wrecking ball. Their old dog was a Labrador. He was ten and loved to relax so it was really surprisingly when one day I looked to my side to see him drinking the vim to I’d put down! Haha

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