Is your phone trying to kill you?

The other day I spotted this article during one of my many internet cruises: “How clean is your mobile phone?” After a hygiene expert swabbed and analysed 30 handsets, 7 mobiles were dirty and had warning levels or higher of environmental bacteria (TVC). While not immediately harmful, elevated TVC levels indicate poor hygiene, and can act as a breeding ground for far worse bacterial nasty’s.

One mobile had such high levels of potentially harmful bacteria that it could give its user a serious stomach upset. Bugs found on the dirtiest mobile included faecal Coliforms (often associated with faecal matter) and Enterobacteriaceae (which includes bugs such as Salmonella).

Then during another cruise around the internet I spotted this gem:

A poll of 2,000 people, conducted by Sony and O2 has revealed that three quarters of people use their mobile phone while sitting on the toilet.

Our phones are dirtier than a public toilet flush mechanism! If you are not careful your phone could potentially put you in hospital with a very nasty disease. That is enough to cause most right thinking individuals to sit up and pay attention, I know for sure it did me. I started to hold my phone with my finger tips and not press it to my face. Then life takes over and the worry passes into the background boiling mass of thoughts only to surface occasionally, usually with the statement “Did you know…”.

Until, in another wonderful display of synchronicity I was offered by Cyber Clean to try out their new touch screen cleaning kit called (surprise, surprise) a “Touch Screen Cleaner”!

1. Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

The idea of the cleaner is simple – you spray – you wipe – you enjoy a bug free clean screen.

The cleaner comes in a handy pen like looking form. There is a spray on the top and a cleaning felt along the long edge of it. The cleaning tool is finished by a stylus, just in case you fed up of using your fingers 😉 Touch Screen Cleaner contains:

  • 1 x stylus pen
  • 1 x tablet clip
  • 3 x refills

2. Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

It is available in black or white, to suit your device I guess. It can be used with any tablet or smartphone.

The antiseptic solution used to create the cleaning liquid helps to eliminate germs, making your phone not only clean to the eye but hopefully also much more hygienic.

3. Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

Touch Screen Cleaner has a RRP of just £10.95. I think this really is a good price to pay for peace of mind in regards to safety while using our phone or a tablet. Ok, for this amount of money you can probably buy almost 11 full size (500ml) bottles of cleaning solutions when hunting down some special offers in your local superstore or shopping at Poundland but be honest with yourself and answer this: How often do you clean your mobile / tablet? Touch Screen Cleaner is an extremely convenient product; it is small, it contains all you need to turn your dirty, full of germs touch screen into a clean, safe and yet again friendly gadget. I bet having it around would significantly increase the chances of you actually cleaning your touch screen devices more often.

4. Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

Did you ever wonder how clean your mobile really is?

Do you clean it on a regular basic or only in the event when the screen is so messy that you can hardly see anything?

As for me, I used to clean it when my screen wasn’t sparkly clean, most likely with cotton pads and a window cleaner or my alcoholic tonic water (ooops)… I must admit I like my new cleaning “toy” and once empty I will for sure get some more refills!

5. Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

We're going on an adventure

* I received one pack of Touch Screen Cleaner free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .

15 thoughts on “Is your phone trying to kill you?

  1. I never thought that cellphone could be this harm. I mean, this thing is the only one I share the least to everyone. 🙁 Good point and post.. A good reminder too… 😀

  2. I am not very fazed by germs. That is a neat item though. When my screen gets dirty (visibly), I just wipe it with a baby wipe.

  3. I try not to think of all the germs that might be on things. I could see myself using this sort of product though – my phone is permanently caked in something a small child has deposited on it.

    I agree with Fi though, it’s easy to get carried away with things. Just because germs exist it does not follow that we should get rid of them all. Adverts for all the cleaning products on TV seem designed to frighten people into buying things even though they aren’t necessary.

  4. tbh I have never thought much about the germs that can build up on my phone, but it does make sense I guess! This looks like something I should invest in and it’s really well priced too x

  5. There are germs everywhere and if you think about it too much it’s easy to become obsessed isn’t it, so horrible to think of all the nasties lying around on our most prized possessions which can harm us. A product like the one you used on your phone is good in moderation I think otherwise the germs can build up a resistance, eek!

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