Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line

Running a business these days isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to consider and there is a lot of competition in the market, but for someone like me, who doesn’t deal very well with authority this is the only way to work.

So, I run a small limited company, which deals with internet starts up, e-commerce, social media etc… I work from home and rent an office (a.k.a one of the upstairs bedrooms) from hubby and myself for business use, but our home is not a business property. Being not a business property means that I can’t claim back some of the costs as easy as I would like to. One of the problems for example is with a phone line. I have a business mobile contract, but getting a second landline purely for business use is just too costly, so until now I have been losing any chance to claim all this potential expenses. I say until now because now I know better, now I know about Vonage and their fantastic, quick and easy service that enables me to have that second line without any hassle or high setup costs.

Vonage The Hassle Free Second Phone Line

So, how does it work?

Vonage uses your existing broadband to create a second phone line. All you need is broadband with a Wi-Fi router and a phone handset, that’s all. No need for a technical visit or that costly laying of the second wire line. Once your Vonage arrives at your end you can be up and running within minutes.

Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line - what’s in the box

What’s inside the box?

You get all you need to make your new second line work:

1 x Vonage box

1 x Vonage box power supply unit

1 x Ethernet cable

1 x Telephone socket adapter

1 x Quick start guide

The quick start guide has very clear and easy to follow instructions on how to connect your Vonage box. It really couldn’t be any easier. I think it took us about 7 minutes to be all wired up and running; most of that 7 minutes being spent trying to sort out a spare power socket, forewarned is forearmed.

The first test phone call I made it was to my Mum in Poland
The first test phone call I made it was to my Mum in Poland

Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line – free call countries

Yes, it works for international phone calls too, and to mobile phones 🙂

How much does it cost?

This is a great question and I think you will be pleased with the answer. The plans start from just £7 a month and goes up to £24 a month. Look at the screen shot below to see what you actually get for your money.

Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line – plans selection

The huge plus is that you actually only pay for your selected call plan (plus any phone calls made outside of it). There is no change for that nasty so called line rental. And there is no fixed contract time – the contract can be as long or short as you want. You even get a 30 days money guarantee, so if for some reason you aren’t happy just ship it back to them.

I really think that Vonage is the perfect solution for anyone who has a need for a second line. With Vonage I will now have no problem with claiming it as a business expense and I can actually enjoy a dedicated business line. And you know what? I can take it with me for my holidays next week and still be able to use it – yes, you are reading it right! It can even be moved from country to country as long as you have a broadband with Wi-Fi router and a phone handset you are ready to go!

Vonage – The Hassle Free Second Phone Line

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