Beware of the Giant Mutant Spider!

Legend has often spoken of a “spider so big as to be able to swallow a full grown man…” yet this has paled into obscurity as people have not seen or spoken of such things….till now!

The advent of the digital age has allowed things to be captured on film in an instance. At any moment anything could and does happen and you can be sure that someone is capturing the moment for eternal prosperity. In fact there is a direct correlation between how spectacular the event is to how many mobile phones and tablets are held aloft to capture every special moment.

I personally really dislike spiders and for me this movie is terrifying… I can’t even imagine myself in this situation…imagine trying to get this category 5 spider out of the bath!

But remember: This video is not for the fainthearted, and arachnophobics be cautious.

How amazing was that, hey!

Whilst in Poland I was introduced to the gifted S.A. Wardega – a Polish actor and director who believes that “Insane people are the best”. He hones his skill by creating pranks movies for all to watch, his latest creation is called “Mutant Giant Spider Dog”.

Anyway if you have not come across S.A. Wardega work or just not seen any of his short films then I really recommend you start with the Spider Dog and I promise you; You will not regret the fact that you spent four minutes watching it.

Have you seen any movie clips done in this style, share them with us all please so we can build a library of funky funny movies.

After all it is good to laugh 🙂

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