My life will never be the same again

* by Mark

As I wander down the path of my life I occasionally pause to look back at where I have come from. Picture the scene, a moonscape stretching out before you, only the small rocks and boulders breaking the seemingly endless expanse of nothingness. As I gently swing around to continue I find myself at the base of a steep incline. Climbing up the incline I am accompanied by a chorus of rousing strings that echo through my mind reaching an emotional crescendo as I crest the top and see before me…. a large black obelisk. I approach cautiously and touch it and at that exact second a realisation washes over me that my life will never be the same again.

What on earth, you may well wonder has me so worked up that I can wax lyrical on a Sunday afternoon. The answer is easier than you would expect in short I finally sat down and started to investigate this phenomenon called “crypto-currencies”.

I first heard of this thing called Bitcoin around a year ago I thought to myself, bitwhat? My initial thoughts run along the lines of “That will be useful for nerds, geeks and those unable to stop playing the latest crazy multiplayer game in the internet”, and went about my life unaffected.

Evidently psychologists’ claim that a person needs on average “5 touches” before curiosity takes over and research begins. Well I must have hit that target because I found myself doing just that, researching.

That was about four months ago and it has led me down the rabbit hole to a world of subjects that I have never considered before. Money is everything in our modern world, have it and you can live like all those perfect people in the magazines and on TV, don’t and you can fade into obscurity until the grim reaper himself tracks you down. Yet given the all consuming totalitarian control money has on our lives it is staggering just how little we know about it. Even the fundamental question “what is money?” is extremely hard to answer once you actually start to think about it.

Yet within Bitcoin and the Blockchain it is based on is a tool, like the internet, or even computers themselves that if adopted by the masses will change the world, and I would like to think for the better. Imagine a money supply by the people for the people that is devoid of the control and manipulation by anyone, anywhere, no matter how important they are in the world.

I urge you all to start with Youtube and search for an introduction to Bitcoin. I warn you, it will probably melt your brain at the beginning unless you have grounding in finance, banking or economics. However like all new concepts and ideas it takes a little while to get to grips with it but as the fog of confusion lifts and the reality sets in then you will find yourself smiling and then you find yourself dreaming.

I intend to write a series of article for you all as I love you so much and like a born again evangelist I feel a compelling urge to spread the word about this potential future of mankind. I shall start as an introduction and cover a range of subjects to add context. Hopefully it builds up as a parts work into a comprehensive guide for you all.

Oh and if you’re wondering, yes I have joined the family and I have opened up an account, in fact here is the QR code for my account:

BitCoin QR Code

If you know about Bitcoin already, good for you, then you know all you have to do is scan the above code and enter an amount an click send. Then no matter where you are in the world, nor what time of the day or night it is, I will receive the sent sum within seconds for a few pence in transaction fees. How else could you do that?

Anyway I hope you have read this far, and more so your imagination is peeked, as mine is.

I will write more on this soon.

Have you heard of Bitcoin?

Would you be interested in this new form of global trading?

Do you use Bitcoin or another crypto-currency already? If so please share your stories with us.

27 thoughts on “My life will never be the same again

  1. i have no idea what a bitcoin is! so i’m going to have to google before i can continue reading this post…lol giglove

  2. My husband used bitcoins for something several years back. He had a few left on an old laptop that died and that’s when they skyrocketed in value. He spent days trying to access his account, to no avail – he still thinks he might have had a whole whack of cash if he’d traded them in then. It’s an interesting way to trade for goods and services I think. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

      1. I only had to pay 50 euros ( ~ 0,15 bc) for a membership, but I couldn’t find someone who would pay this amount for me or who would sell it to me , think it’s only possible to sell 1 bc what’s around 300 euros, right? at last I found a guy from switzerland who was able to help… but I still have this darned paysafe-thingy what no one accepts in france :o(

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