MyPure Choice – A’kin Body Wash

MyPure Choice – A’kin Body Wash

For the last month I have been indulging myself during bath and shower time with some lovely A’kin body wash.

I picked two totally different scents – orange blossom and sandalwood – to give myself either a fresh start to the day or a calming bedtime chill-out.

If you have never heard about A’kin this is what the MyPure website states about them:

A’kin is made from the finest natural ingredients, chosen for their purity and skin friendly compatibility. A’kin does not contain: sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours.

A’kin Body WashA’kin body wash is:

  • Cruelty free
  • Natural – they use certified organic ingredients where possible
  • Suitable for vegans – certified by the Australian Vegan Society
  • Suitable for vegetarians – they have been formulated without any animal ingredients
  • Halal Certified

A’kin body wash comes in a 500ml bottle with a pump, which makes it the ideal packaging in my eyes. They are prices at £14 (currently on special offer at £12.60), which makes them a bit on the high side – price wise – but like with everything else, good quality products always cost more. However they do go a long way as you only need a little bit to actually wash yourself.

A’kin Orange Blossom Body WashMyPure Choice - A’kin Body Wash

I found it to be a perfect body wash to start my day with. It delivers a fresh fragrant aroma bursting with energy. It leaves my skin nicely moisturised and I feel ready to face the day ahead.

A’kin Orange Blossom Body Wash comes in the form of a see-through gel like texture. It is easy to use and it spreads very well. It doesn’t foam a great deal but for me this isn’t a problem. It leaves a gentle fragrant smell on the skin after a good rinse. But don’t you worry, it doesn’t last long, so it will not interfere with any perfumes you might want to use.

A’kin Sandalwood Body WashMyPure Choice -- A’kin Body Wash

If you love the scent of sandalwood this one is truly for you. The scent is amazing – very woody and calming with those lovely hints of something oriental. It is an ideal body wash before bedtime as it’s really puts you into a calm, relaxed dream like state.

Same as with the Orange Blossom, the Sandalwood body wash comes in a see-through gel like texture. Again, you will not experience a great deal of foaming from it but it will leave a nice very gentle scent on your skin.

In general I am very pleased with my choice. I think A’kin offers some fantastic products which are good for your skin and a pure pleasure to use.

Did you ever use any of A’kin products?

* Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

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  1. Not sure when it is that I have seen this brand. But I have never been trying this. Thanks for sharing which remind me of this brand. =D giglove

  2. I have never heard about A’kin products in my country. But, it sounds like a great product. I always like orange blossoms. Great to know as this is a halal certified and a natural product. I am going to check this out for sure.

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