Baby #ootd – Little Swimmer

Baby #ootd – Little SwimmerBaby #ootd - Little SwimmerBaby #ootd – Little SwimmersBaby #ootd - Little SwimmersBaby #ootd  Little Swimmer

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Bottoms – nature finest creation ever
Nappy – Little Swimmers by Huggies

A few months ago Huggies provided us with a pack of Little Swimmers and a lovely hygiene mat to go with it. It took us ages but last week we finally reached the swimming pool!

Baby loved it!

Just look at him; looking around and being so eager to have a splash himself.

According to The Telegraph 40% of children in Britain cannot swim! Apparently 25% of us think that it is the schools’ responsibility to teach children how to swim.

Personally I don’t agree with this. I think schools already have way too much on their plate and we shouldn’t be adding a life skill like swimming into it.

If you want to know more about baby swimming and its benefits please visit Huggies Little Swimmers there you will be able to find all the necessary information you could ever want. They even have a tip section on what to pack into a swimming bag whilst swimming with baby.

Can you swim?

Did your parents teach you or did your school provide some lessons?

8 thoughts on “Baby #ootd – Little Swimmer

  1. I heard that most over 7s can’t swim a length of the big pool. All mine have had lessons privately as we think it is really important. Our 7 year old broke his arm when he was 4 and needed an operation that set his swimming back and he has just moved into the group that swims in the big pool now.

  2. What a happy, and lovely looking baby! I don’t have children of my own, but enjoy taking my stepkids to the pool. I don’t believe that it’s the schools responsibility to teach kids to swim, nor do I believe that it is truly necessary to pay for swimming lessons. I believe that the parents or other family members can and should introduce swimming to children as it not only builds a bond, but also a lifetime skill.

    Gorgous OOTD by the way! 😉

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