Time for a change, time for entertainment

With New Year comes the obligatory New Year’s resolution.

I’ve made a few “promises” to myself and one of them is to entertain more (aka stop being a cave-dweller). I would like to have our friends over much more often, maybe throw a few more dinner parties and in general be more sociable. To achieve it, I need space. So the question becomes: What do I do?

Currently, we have a kitchen / dinner with a table set for four and a front room designed around our family entertainment – large sofa, space to play jumpy console games and to chillax in general. I think the front room will have to stay as it is simply because it is our family space and besides I don’t know how to tell Mark his front room is about to change. Now the dining room part of the downstairs area might just be the subject of a make-over.

My Dining Room

In order to entertain I will need space. If we have more than two people visit us be are quickly reminded of a major drawback to us entertaining. Sitting for hours on little wooden stools is not very comfortable, no matter how good the food, the company or even how many drinks you have had 😉 and there is no room to add full size chairs as the table just isn’t long enough, oh and it has very fat legs that don’t help.

So, what to do now?

The easiest solution would be to just buy a new set of slim chairs, but as our furniture’s quite old I am not able to find anything to match it nicely.

I like dark wood; solid wood, heavy furniture is very me but they make the space seems smaller and darker than it actually is. The more I think about it the more I feel I might be ready for a change.

I had a look around for some inspirations and I have a few ideas for my new dining room. I think I would still like to stick with the wood and keep the same rectangular shape of the table, but maybe this time we should get something lighter, with a more modern look…

Carlton Copeland Rodgers of YorkCarlton Derwent Rodgers of YorkClemence Richard Massive Rodgers of YorkKettle Stamford Dining  Rodgers of YorkQualita Goliath Rodgers of York

What do you think about my choices?

Would you attempt a make-over just to satisfy your need for fulfilling a New Year’s resolution?

Do you think I should just stick with my old furniture and maybe invest in some soft cushions to make long evenings by the table more comfortable?

I know this is a long list of questions but I am quite in the pickle and unsure what to do next.

* Post written in collaboration with Rodgers Of York

22 thoughts on “Time for a change, time for entertainment

  1. A lot of great choices. I just got a new table and chairs. Mine has marble/stones in it. I like the solid would look.

  2. I like the Richard Clarence table because it looks strong, but not the chairs.

    It all depends on the kind of money you have to spend.

    I always say refurbish and choose your own ideas on what you want to live with for a long time.

  3. I like the set you have. I think entertaining is more about the people. I have had wonderful evenings with folks who had little or no furniture as well as those who had abundance. It was the people I was with that mattered. Perhaps, if your budget doesn’t allow a new dining room set, you’ll discover your creative passion and flair for themed entertainment where there is transition!

    1. Thank you Julee. My friends always say that our space is more than enough but I am always so uncomfortable by this table… maybe this is just me 🙁
      I think I might take a small survey and find out what our friends really think.

  4. I actually like all the sets you’ve chosen 😉 Maybe you could get your old one a makeover? That’s what I would most likely do, get some cushions and maybe do some painting 😉

  5. I prefer the dark colour of the table set you have in your kitchen. Not too keen on the massive legs of one of the sets you’re considering. The solution with small dining space is usually to start with drinks in the room where you have soft sofa and chairs, then withdraw there again after dinner rather than spend the whole evening at the table?

  6. I like the last one, the table has something what caught my eye immediately. I had the same problem and I bought a giant table (with a glass top, never again, if the pub barks it feels like 600 decibel in my ears), sadly we needed the two additional chairs only twice by now and I removed two of the chairs and replaced them with folding chairs to have more room :o)

    1. I am always scared of glass top tables. I know they aren’t going to break but still… something leaves me very uneasy about them. On the plus side, if I had a glass top table Bunk wouldn’t chew it, like he did with our wooden one.

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