New Discoveries – Walk off the Earth

*by Mark

In life as you wander around this big ball of iron and mud that we lovingly call Earth and home you will meet fellow wanderers and then invariably you will chat. Pleasantries and general enquiries as to the well being of any and all associated with your encountered person are covered regarding health and well being. Maybe even work issues will be briefly or maybe excessively talked about depending on how closely the parties involved know it each other’s sphere of employ.

Then there will be the inevitable brief pause usually filled with an over exuberant laugh at some slight or topical observation… now what to say. The conversation has at this point met a crossroads, if the encounter is peripheral to your day to day circle of usual chats then this would be the opportunity to mention how wonderful it is to see each other and that we should arrange the obligatory meet up for coffee or drinks at some non specific time and then bid farewell and depart. Intentions may well be true at that exact moment to further that proclaimed desire to meet up in the future but unless acted upon quickly, will equally as quick dissipate, so act now or not at all.

On the other hand they may be a closer, more affable encounter that encourages you to pause your hectic pursuit of life and dreams and take a moment to genuinely connect, right here and right now.

I was involved in one such encounter just the other day, I happened upon my close friend Olivia that I had not crossed paths with for an extended period of time and wanted to talk with her to catch up. This we did and in so doing we covered a broad range of subjects and I will not bore you with the detailed coverage as many where personal or particular to our lives and would not have the desired impact on your good selves. That said I will mention one snippet of the conversation that I think will.

I was encouraged most strongly to check out a new band that she had happened upon. Now I don’t know about you but I tend to find the discovery of likable new music is more of a personal journey of discovery and that very rarely does someone else’s taste offer up something that grabs me. Maybe because I have an eclectic and in some ways eccentric taste in music or maybe due to advancing age I don’t readily take to new music.

But then I was shown this link…

Now not only can I mention the sheer brilliance of getting five people to play a single guitar at the same time but they are obviously damn fine musicians. I was intrigued and perused the archives of YouTube to find more nuggets of their work. It wasn’t hard to do as they have an extensive back catalogue of songs and I enjoyed almost all of them.

All their videos, as you will discover are equally enthralling works of art and what’s more they do them themselves! No big corporations funding them and inevitably stifling them based on focus groups and market driven fundamentals to maximise returns on investment. No, these guys and girls survive on donations and word of mouth promotions and thus they are required to make videos with a stringent and limited budget. Now many would in this situation end up making a dull and obviously low budget looking video but these people make art!

I am a fan and I think, unless your numb from the forehead down, you will become one too.

They are epic!

23 thoughts on “New Discoveries – Walk off the Earth

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I also love discovering new bands/artist and get a little rush if they become popular (has happened several times) Loved this video and yes, amazing how they all played the guitar! x

  2. I have never seen a band quite like this before, they are very talented even if they aren’t quite my cup of tea, but then nothing really compares to the music I like. Dolly Parton, John Barrowman, The Beatles and Manic Street Preachers

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