A nation of lazy people?

A nation of lazy people

A few months ago I took part in a survey conducted by ukBathrooms in which they were searching for the answer to just one question: “What do you find most off-putting in a bathroom when buying a house?” As an ex-house hunter I wanted to share my views on the topic…

Last month their findings were published in a property related article in The Independent:

Half put black mould or a bad silicone finish at the top of the list, while a quarter went for outdated bathroom suites. Even damaged tiles would put 9 per cent off.

On the one hand their findings didn’t surprise me – mould in general is very yucky, it can cause health problems and it is not so easy to get rid off… so I can totally understand it being at the top of the list (also I should mention I was one of the people who helped put it there).

On the other hand I simply can’t believe that a bad silicone finish scored as high as mould… Come on people…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an outdated bathroom suit sharing a high position along with mould. Bathroom suits aren’t cheap or easy to replace, so I can understand that it might be a problem for many people but a bad silicone finish???

I simply don’t get it.

I know that buying a house is a hard, energy draining and often complicated process but unless you have an unlimited supply of money you can’t in reality find perfection, you may search for perfection… but the odds are not in your favour.

I know this because I took that road, I have that T-shirt… we did search for our “perfect” house and very quickly we were brought up back into reality.

There is no perfect house!

There are houses which will come close to your dream but you will always find something which isn’t quite right… and you know what… that’s ok… your new house doesn’t have to be perfect; it will be up to you to make it so once you move in…

I simply can’t believe that people would dismiss the house because of badly laid silicone.

It takes about £10 and 10 minutes to replace it… you simply pill off the old one, clean and dry the area and slowly apply a new one… it’s that simple… even I can do it…

Why are we so lazy these days?

One thousand people answered this survey which means that at least 500 of them couldn’t be bothered to do a small DIY job.

I simply don’t get it.

Why are we so lazy? Who is to blame?

Is it our fault because we didn’t learn basic skills? Is it our parents fault because they didn’t teach us those basic skills? Or is it our societies fault because it forces us to be very narrow-minded and focused only on specific tasks? Or are we just a nation in these modern times that whenever we have a problem our first reaction is to pick up the phone and call for help?

Do you have any ideas who or what is to blame?

29 thoughts on “A nation of lazy people?

  1. Some people are better at things than others. That’s why not everyone is a pianist or algebra teacher. Personally I am so crafty it’s down right crazy. I think there should be more craft classes.

  2. I’m quite handy with diy and removing mouldy silicone and replacing it wouldn’t bother me. I think we expect everything to be perfect and are unwilling to compromise when we buy a house. Our new house is great but the fact it needs a new kitchen wasn’t off putting at all to us, we like a challenge x

  3. As someone who has to hire people to do everything, I reallly, really wish there had been DIY lessons in school. That’s the kind of practical knowledge we all need!

  4. When we were househunting we saw houses with holes in the floor, ceilings coming down, floors caving in–it was amazing what people called good condition to get someone to look! House buying really is all about having your priorities in order and being willing to compromise.

  5. How about people be held accountable for their actions. I bet that pic posted above are hard workers and they probably work hard unlike lazy North Americans who expect to hand outs. We live in a era of smart phones and dumb people.

  6. We bought our house last year and the downstairs shower room has a very dated suite in it. It’s pink!
    We will be changing it when funds allow but we won’t be paying to have the new one installed. Ant will do the plumbing and tiling and I’ll do the decorating. A lifetime of little money means we’ve never been able to just call someone to fix whatever needs fixing. Except of course when we rented and the landlord was responsible for the big jobs!

  7. It’s funny to me what will turn off a person! We just bought a house last year and while there were (and still are a few) things that we knew we’d have to address, nothing was a deal breaker. It’s time and confidence that you need.

  8. having lived in a house with the most revolting bathroom in the world for 6 months before having the funds to get the bathroom done. nothing really puts me off .. knowing i can get ti sorted is the only thing that bothers me 🙂 xx

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