Could your dog run the country?

Could your dog run the country #ChocNinja

Evidently 70% of British adults, and a staggering 76% of Scottish adults, would trust a fictional dog over our current political leadership to run our country, according to a survey commissioned by PickUp! biscuits.

Are we really so dissatisfy with our current leaders? No, that’s not a trick question 😉

I know I am at the moment.

I am not sure I would go so far as putting my trust in a dog, but who knows… it might be or at least needs to be a very special dog…

Additionally, and a much more believable response from the same survey revealed that 73% of dog owners believe their dogs can demonstrate “special skills”, so in line with this discovery PickUp! biscuits has now launched the ultimate hunt for dogs that demand respect!

The competition starts today and who knows in the process maybe we can find that very special dog that could indeed be our leader and run this emerald island.

As you are probably aware, starting today a whole eclectic band of dogs will line up for the doggy equivalent of the Olympics, more commonly known as Crufts, but if like the majority of us you’re not going to be part of this band, you might just want to consider joining in with the Ninja Dog Championships.

PiCKUP! biscuits contain chocolate so sacred that they have to be protected by their very own Ninja Chihuahua, (you have probably seen him on TV) – who is now on a nationwide hunt to find the final canine contestant to take part in his Dogs that Demand Respect, Ninja Apprentice Championships.

Could your dog be awesome enough to take part and become a member of the #ChocNinja crew?

If you aren’t sure whether their skills will suffice, check out the current team members and what they can do…

To stay in touch with PickUp! biscuits just like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter @BahlsenPICKUP, oh and don’t forget to visit PickUp! website for full details about the Ninja Dog Championships… £500 cash prize is awaiting for the winner!

Will you be entering your dog?

Does your dog have any “special skills”?

When I think about Lilly and Bunk, the only ninja power that comes to mind unfortunately is their ability to track down any unattended food for stealing, which they then do faster than the blink of an eye…

*Picture courtesy of PickUp!

10 thoughts on “Could your dog run the country?

  1. This is just fab! Ive got 2 dogs and I only just trust the in the house on their own, never mind running the country, don’t biscuit companies do the strangest surveys, also my favourite biscuits!

  2. My old girl is a bit slow for her ninja skills these days, she can get up on the sofa, wrap herself in my TARDIS blanket and put scooby do on in about 13 seconds flat though (rolls on the remote) ….. 🙂

    She can also sniff out a biscuit 100 yards away, little porker

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