Man flu – myth or reality?

Man flu – myth or reality

For the last week or so my Mark has been battling a horrendous life crippling disease – man flu. Unable to do anything, confined to the comfort of the front room and his favourite spot on the sofa, he is totally useless. No matter what I have tried to offer to him, he wasn’t satisfied 🙁 No amount of offering drink, food or loving sweet talk would make him feel any better… he looked totally hopeless and the only thing keeping him alive was his PS4 and a good session of Dragon Age 3.

Really I had no idea that a PS4 could cure diseases but hey ho you learn something new every day, right?

So back to my question… is man flu real or is it just a nice cover story for taking a few days off work?

A few weeks ago I received some Perfect7 supplements for both women and men. To my huge surprise they were totally different. The ingredients list on both packets does not match up with one another… are men really so different to women? Can a common cold or flu really affect them in such a horrible way?

When I have flu I moan a lot and generally feel sorry for myself but I am mobile and can still perform my daily tasks; I might be slower than normal, more grumpy and in need of much more chocolate cake but I am still fully operational.

My Mark on the other hand, seems to be totally out of order.

I decided to do some digging on the subject and I came across this article from Mail Online at Daily Mail. Apparently man flu ISN’T a myth – men get sick because they don’t have the sex hormones that boost a woman’s immune systems. Interesting isn’t it?

In light of this, I have decided to be more supportive to my OH when he is suffering with man flu. I still think that he is milking it at times but maybe they really are different than us, women.

How do you deal with man flu?

Did you find a way to reduce the symptoms and actually make your man useful during his sickness?

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  1. I’ve heard about this for the very first time and to be honest I really have no idea about it cus I can’t relate it… I def need to know more about this x

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