National No Smoking Day

#nosmokingdayToday we celebrate National No Smoking Day.

I wish I could say than I am a quitter but unfortunately I am not. I smoke less and I vap more but I am still a smoker all the same 🙁

It’s not that I wouldn’t want to quit all together… maybe I am just weak or maybe my motivation isn’t in the right place… who knows…

Despite being a smoker, I know and understand the effects this habit has on me and people around me. I know that smoking effects all my body yet I am still a smoker.

Am I proud? No, I am not.

Would I want to quit? Sure, I would!

But sometimes things are really easier said than done.

I would love to quit and live a smoke free life but… I am still a smoker…

…a smoker, who at least has taken a step forward in my journey to being smoke free having partially swapped to vaping.

I am not suggesting taking up vaping but if you are a smoker this is a great middle ground and with time who knows maybe both you and I can become smoke free.

There are a lot of e-cig kits around; some of them are better than others; some of them are cheaper than others, some will appeal to men and some more to women… but there is one which should satisfy all tastes and likings… vapour cigarette gift box from KiK. Its mid price well finished and it comes with a good selection of flavours to start with (flavours which actually taste as they should and do not leave any weird chemical tastes in the back of your throat). The gift box looks stunning and it will be perfect for either male or female recipients. So… even if you aren’t a smoker think about all your smoking friends and make a note of their upcoming birthday or other celebrationary dates. Nothing says “I care” more than the gift of life. After all, who knows, it might just be the thing which pushes them into a smoke free lifestyle.

I hope by next year I will be able to report to you all that I am a proud quitter.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

*I received a KiK Vape 01 vapour cigarette gift box for review purpose.

22 thoughts on “National No Smoking Day

  1. I am please to see so many ex smokers on here! I quit smoking using an electronic cigarette and e liquid from Medusa Juice vaping using my e-cig is now a past time that I really enjoy without the worry of harmful chemicals that are in cigarette smoke. I urge everyone who is a smoker to give ecigs a go!

  2. I cross my paws for you and I wish you all the luck of the world. I only smoke outside, so I could reduce it a lot, but sadly my weaker self is not ready to say bye forever to camel&the marlboro man :o(

  3. Great post – you can do it! I’ve lost two relatives to smoking 🙁 One had a stroke and the other had lung cancer and it has put me off smoking for life. It is so worth trying to quit and i know it isn’t easy, but you will do it one day and look back and feel much happier. Plus think of all the extra cash you can shop with! xxx

  4. I have 2 cigarettes a day and use and e-cig the rest of the time…..I used to smoke 20 or more so I think I have done well to cut down. I want to quit but just can’t….

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