Battle of the Sexes – #loveyourenergy

Battle of the Sexes – #loveyourenergyOk, so today’s topic is energy waste 🙂

A few days ago I was able to view some data from a recent survey conducted by Love Energy Savings and Google Consumer Survey, trying to answer just one question: Who is the biggest energy waster?

Unfortunately the insightful results do not look very favourable towards men; it looks like they have won this battle.

The majority (57.3%) of respondents claimed that they believed men to waste the most household energy compared to a smaller number (38.6%) of votes for women.
Surprisingly, only 60% of women say that men are the biggest household energy wasters. What is wrong with the remaining 40%? 😉

I think in our case (Mark and I) we are both equally guilty but we do our wasting in different ways.

Battle of the Sexes – #loveyourenergy my confessionMe, I keep my PC running 24/7. Do I need it? No, but on the off chance that I will have to check something quickly I like to have it on… just in case, so I don’t have to wait for it to boot up… Yes, I know, I could just use my phone or a tablet to check that urgent message but I like my PC set up with its big monitor and all the speakers spread around it…

But that’s nothing comparing to Mark…

Battle of the Sexes – #loveyourenergy Marks confession

… well he likes to have everything turned on at once and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it… main TV, laptop, Ps4… He can’t really use them all at once but they are waiting ready for him; he claims he is using them all at once as he flies from one thing to the next. To add to his waste he likes to run a floor standing side light almost 24/7. Why? I am still unsure so I am unable to answer that question…

The solution?

Well, actually I have a few.

As with all old habits they are sometimes hard to change, so I have decided to help reduce the wastage in a slightly different way.

For Mark, I am getting all household lighting changed to LEDs. Oh ok, maybe not the all lighting, just the light bulbs 😉 I stumbled upon LED Planet and they are offering a great selection of LED bulbs to chose from; they are extremely energy efficient which will make Marks love for the constant light on much less of an issue.

As for me… well I am getting a new PC! I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time (about 6 years at the last count). Mark is building me a fast booting machine, which should be up and ready within seconds, so there will be no longer any need for me to keep it turned on all the time.

What’s your soft spot when it comes to energy wasting?

Share with me your wasteful energy secrets.

26 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes – #loveyourenergy

  1. Hehe paul and I are both guilty. I’ll have my phone and laptop on the go at the same time, one for working and the other for social media.
    Paul has the TV, phone and tablet know the go at the same time every evening

  2. I like to leave the plugs switched on – especially the kettle. I don’t notice he ihas switched it off behind me and then wonder why the kettle hasn’t boiled

  3. One of our cats doesn’t like the dark so we have a tendency to leave our room lights on during the evenings (even when we’re not in them) just for him.

  4. Most of the lights here are energy saving ones and the one light left on at night has two settings so it saves even more energy, however I have to admit to being terrible at turning off plugs at the socket…really annoys me when I go to use something and it’s switched off. I must get better at this.

  5. I think I am probably more wasteful actually but only very slightly. I have my Macbook running all the time, except overnight when I shut it down. I charge most things overnight which is probably wasteful and often leave chargers plugged in and turned on at the socket. This was a good reminder to be more conscious of it actually.

  6. We leave lights on all over the place! I’d like to think D’s more guilty than me of this, but I think we’re both as bad as each other.

  7. For me it would have to be the laptop. Though I do turn it off when I am done using it. I unplug appliances when I am done, such as Kitchen Aid, toaster, coffeepot, and all chargers. My husband loves to have all the lights on in the house and I go behind him turning them off. The t.v. is on when he’s home whereas all day when I am home it’s off. I’m an outdoors kind of person so if it’s light out, I’m outside. I know there are areas where I can improve. Solar! ❀

  8. I hate to admit it is probably me in our house! There is always something of mine on charge and I will have the TV on for background noise even if I’m not really watching!

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