It’s all about the shoes!

It’s all about the shoes! Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots from TrespassSpring is now in full bloom and most of us are already planning the summer holidays. No matter what your plans are I bet you will need to buy something new as most seasonal changes require some sort of wardrobe clear-out and update 😉

New shorts, shirt or that swim suit are always welcome but they are very fashion dependant… if you are the type of person who cares about the current fashion trend then normally you would expect these types of clothing to be bought with just one season of wearing in mind but what about footwear?

Do you buy footwear thinking long term or are your sandals, shoes or booties destined to arrive in shoe heaven next year and be replaced with a younger fresher model?

I love shoes, I always have and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will most likely already know this. You will also know that I tend to have a very special relationship with my footwear… I never treat them as a “one season of use” thing… for me it’s all about the shoes…

Taking the whole outfit into consideration, no matter what type of outfit, shoes are always the most important part of it… at least for me. This is even more important when it comes to walking shoes or boots. As long as I have the right shoes and my feet are happy, I am happy 🙂

I have tried to convert Mark into my way of thinking.

Mark hates shopping, which is a plus for me because it means that most of the time I am the one doing the picking…

Last month Trespass contacted me asking if I would like to try something from their collection. Sure, I would… I had a long list of things I wanted but then I decided to stop being so selfish and I thought this time about my OH. Just a few weeks before Trespass got in touch our Bunk was obviously having the hump about something and decided that Marks boots need replacing… so he ate half of the right one… doh!… As he had eaten so much of the boot I guess soft leather obviously tasted nice for him… I know Trespass as a company (and I bet you know them too as they have been on the market since 1938) and we actually own a lot of clothing made by them, so I knew that I would find the right footwear to match my standards.

Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots“We” picked a pair of Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots; they look great and according to Mark they are super comfy. I know that these waterproof, breathable boots will last him for a long time and keep his feet happy.

He has worn them now for a couple of weeks and it’s safe to say they are durable and even more comfortable now that they have worn in. I am happy that he is happy and as it’s all about the shoes I can say that at least his feet are looking good (even if the rest of him still needs a bit of work).

Some would say that £109.99 (or a £61.99 as they are currently on special offer) is way too much to pay for a pair of boots but can you really put a price tag on your comfort and health?

What is your footwear buying philosophy?

Do you go for quality or a quantity?

25 thoughts on “It’s all about the shoes!

  1. When I buy shoes, I typically don’t think of long wear, I just look for something cute that will match the outfit I’m shoe shopping for. Sad to say that I lean towards quantity and not quality.

  2. I usually go for quality. Comfort is key, so if that shoe is comfortable and last long, it will be worth it to keep and wear for a long time =)

  3. For footwear I usually go for quality! Comfort is key, if I’m comfortable in these shoes and it lasts long, now that’s a awesome shoe to wear and keep! =)

  4. quality all the time even if it costs more. my mum had a pair of trespass for years and they’re still intact

  5. My husband has to wear boots with his job and he always goes for quality as he walks all day and needs a lot of support. I only the other handy working at a desk all day go for style and price!

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  6. It depends on what I’m buying them for. Flip flops and sandals the cheaper the better. But if I need running shoes quality definitely wins the battle!

  7. For my little guy I like to have shoes that are easy to get on and are comfy for him!

  8. Sometimes I buy for quality and I don’t mind spending money on good quality accessories and shoes, but when it comes to everyday items likes t-shirts or jeans than I just buy what I like regardless of quality x

  9. I find it hard to find ‘pretty’ shoes being a size 9 in ladies, so it is always comfort for me over how it looks. Mind you thats because I do sometimes buy mens trainers for their size and for work I wear mens safety boots anyway!

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