Coeliac Awareness Week and The Black Farmer

Coeliac Awareness Week and The Black FarmerIt’s Coeliac Awareness Week.

Did you know that according to Coeliac UK one in 100 people in the UK has Coeliac Disease and must follow a gluten free diet?

Can you imagine how many more people must be suffering every day simply because they aren’t aware of their condition?

The Black Farmer, gluten free advocate and the UK’s top selling super premium gluten free sausage brand, sponsors ‘Gluten Free Lifestyle’ Research Project at Lancaster University. They want to understand why over 12 million people in the UK, double the number of diagnosed Coeliacs – are following a gluten free lifestyle from choice.

According to the NHS Coeliac Disease is a common digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten.

When you look around your local shop you can easily find a lot of free-from foods, but do you really know what gluten is?

Well, gluten is a protein found in three types of cereal: wheat, barley and rye. It can be found in any food that contains the above cereals, including: pasta, cakes, breakfast cereals, and most types of bread, certain types of sauces and some types of ready meals.

Eating foods containing gluten can trigger a range of symptoms, such as: diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence, abdominal pain, weight loss, feeling tired all the time as a result of malnutrition (not getting enough nutrients from food).

There is no cure for coeliac disease, but switching to a gluten-free diet should help control symptoms and prevent the long-term consequences of the disease.

Currently, screening for coeliac disease is not routinely carried out in England. I think it should be and maybe one day it will be… but for now it is not. If you think you might be effected by coeliac disease you can read more about diagnosing it here.

The Black Farmer – a dedicated gluten free brand is offering a helping hand to those who want to do something special to raise coeliac awareness, but simply do not have the financial resource to do it. They have a special fund to support any project you might have which will help raise awareness about Coeliac Disease. The fund is available from May 2015 and if you are thinking about making an application please check Coaliac Awareness Fund for full details.

Are you aware of the impact of having Coaliac on a family member?

Can you think of a way to improve public awareness?

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  1. Nobody in my family requires gluten free diets. I’ve been buying an increasing variety of gluten free ingredients though!

  2. I think we have a different name for it here in the US. I do know a lot of people are switching to a GF diet, though.

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