Internet Connection Problem – A Blessing or a Curse in disguise

Internet Connection Problem – A Blessing or a Curse in disguiseFor the last few weeks my internet connection has really been playing up. At first things would just load a little slowly, but after a while it became slower and slower until they didn’t want to load at all. At first I was climbing the walls with frustration that was evolving into anger, but after a while it got me to thinking…

We spend so much time this these days glued to our phones, tablets or laptops that maybe this “fault” isn’t all that bad.

Once we discovered what the problem was… apparently our router couldn’t handle all the data (aka broken) so my internet supplier promised to ship a super router to us… I felt much calmer and at ease. Don’t get me wrong I still wanted to get back to my routine, I knew that my projects were piling up and I really needed to start working again. But if a simple 5 minutes task was taking me almost an hour to complete, well I simply didn’t have a time for it… so I kind of went with a flow…

I took the time to clean our house top to bottom, I took a day off and walked around London playing tourist, taking pictures and simply chilling out, I even had the time to pull out some old magazines are read for a bit… in general I have to admit this enforced break has served me well.

Now, my new super router is here, all plugged it and working perfectly; my internet connection is better than ever, pages load instantly and there is no excuse for not getting back to work. Am I happy? Well, the break was nice while it lasted but I did miss my work, my blog and all the other online activities so I am glad I am back…

I just wondered, how well do you deal with connection problems?

Do you embrace the lack of it and…. what?

What do you do?

22 thoughts on “Internet Connection Problem – A Blessing or a Curse in disguise

  1. It depends what I’m doing – if I have a deadline I am yelling about it to my poor husband who’s a software engineer. I expect him to fix everything!

  2. I am rather sad and on a internet connection failure i freak out big time! .. i earn my living from being online so not being able to get online mines no food on the table .. eek! 🙁

  3. Our WIFI is playing up at the moment and it’s driving me nuts It’s scary how much we rely on it. But I tend to have an early night if I’m not blogging – which is actually lovely x

  4. I hate it when my internet goes down. I got locked out of my blog this week and I did clean the fridge and mow the lawns in the time it took to get fixed lol

  5. This sounds like bliss to me! Boring as it is, I’d love the excuse to clean the house from top to bottom, go through old piles of clothes to throw them away, etc. Perhaps I should sabotage our Wi-fi box… 🙂

  6. We only just got decent broadband a few months ago and I love it. Before that I often used to have to go to the library, to local cafes or elsewhere to find wifi when our internet connection was too slow.

  7. I am a nightmare when I have no internet, I feel so cut off and stranded. On hols recently it actually made me anxious to not be able to check my emails or do some work. It’s bad enough when our internet seems to go slow every evening at teatime – still not got to the bottom of it. If I’m reading a magazine I’ll usually find a fact that I want to look up and no web access drives me potty!

  8. I’d be lost without the internet I’m afraid as I’d get so far behind with my work! I have a dongle for emergencies 😉

  9. I would be tering my hair out as the internet is how I do business! I wish we were in line for fibre, but we are so rural there are no plans yet. although I guess I would get lots of house work done!

  10. My hubby works from home so any break in our internet service results in much huffing and puffing from both of us! You’re right though, we should just take a break and focus on something else for a bit.

  11. I sometimes love it when my internet connection goes as it gives us a break from social media etc but it annoys me when I am in the middle of writing a blog post or applying for something lol

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