Discover the power of honey

Discover the power of honeyLast month I shared with you my thoughts on healthy sweets (if you missed it, you can read it here); we covered sugar intake and the importance of natural ingredients but we didn’t really go into any details regarding the power of honey… well today I want to talk about honey!

Discover the power of honeyWe have no interest in a sweet substance that is similar to honey; no we want the real deal we want real honey. You would be surprised at what some people / companies will do to benefit from honey. Some types of honey are extremely valuable and have many great benefits as you probably know… so surprise surprise some people fake it! Yes that’s right, not only are Nike trainers or boutique perfumes getting their “aftermarket” copies… apparently honey is too. If you want to know more about choosing the right high value honey for yourself you might want to read: Manuka Honey – How to buy a real deal.

But back to my main topic… honey… this natural super-food made by bees has an awful lot to offer. To start with natural honey is… well, natural! There are no weird E number additions, no fake colorants; nothing manmade should ever be found inside natural wild honey.

Honey is a great source of carbs, which are necessary in every diet. As a natural sugar it is absorbed quickly and offers an almost immediate energy boost enhancing our performance and reducing any muscle fatigue.

It is also a natural sweetener. It can be used as a sugar replacement, which will provide our body with greater benefits than any processed white sugar.

Honey also works wonders in the world of skin care. As it attracts and retains moisture exceptionally well it makes a perfect ingredient for any moisturizing product. But that’s not all; you actually don’t have to buy honey based products to benefit from it; just use some pure honey. For example have you ever experienced dry chapped lips, redundant question I know… well next time you do, simply massage some honey into them and you will see great results in no time at all.

Last but not least honey can be helpful as a medicine as it has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. For centuries our ancestors were using it as a home remedy to “fix” many problems. Are you suffering from a sore throat? Honey to the rescue! Got a cut or burn? Treat it with honey to speed up the natural healing process. Can’t sleep? Drink a cup of milk with added honey and your times of counting endless sheep will be over.

Honey really is wonderful! And to add to all its other great benefits it also taste great 🙂

Love Marlenka is embracing the power of honey by using it to create 100% natural – no preservatives, synthetic colouring or thickeners – delicious tasting sweet treats.

Discover the power of honey & #win with Love MarlenkaIn celebration of the launch of Napoleonky, which are the newest addition to their treat range, Love Marlenka kindly offered a selection of their honey based treats to one of my readers.

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21 thoughts on “Discover the power of honey

  1. I’m a huge Manuka honey fan here – that mixed with lemon and hot water is amazing for a cold x x

  2. I love using honey in cooking/baking but I cannot stand the taste of it on it’s own. I used to buy cut comb honey just because it looks so pretty it the jar 😉

  3. I love honey, it’s like pure gold for our tummy :o) as a kid I loved the sticky artifical honey stuff, I was probably a super crazy child….but fortunately this phase disappeared and I love the real stuff now :o)

  4. I’m a massive honey fan and have been using Manuka honey for over 10 years now for coughs and colds. There’s a great honey producer in my village so I always buy his local stuff which tastes great, full of provencal flavours like thyme and lavender. Pity I’m not a UK resident for your giveaway 🙁

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