My Top 3 Food Related Money Saving Tips

My Top 3 Food Related Money Saving TipsA few days ago I came across the “101 ways to save money” article from The Money Advice Service. Great read and a lot of wonderful tips worth putting into action. So in the saving spirit I have decided to put together my top 3 food related money savings tips.

1. Know what you need to buy now and in the nearest future

I know a lot of people think that shopping with a shopping list is a great way of saving money… well I don’t agree with this philosophy. I shop the other way around – I buy what’s on special offer and then plan meals around what I have. This way I am able to spend less because I hardly ever pay the RRP and always try to buy products on special offer, or BOGOF or 2 for £X. This is a great method if you know what you have in your cupboards, what you need now and what you will need in the nearest future. Let’s take instant coffee as an example. We drink coffee every day and it is a must have in my household. When I see it on special offer and I like the price I will buy 2 or 4 jars at the time – yes I might have to spend more money shopping this time round but I will never have to pay full price for my jars of coffee 🙂

2. Learn to make your own

Making your own food is the easiest way of saving money when it comes to food. Cooking from scratch might be time consuming but it will always be cheaper than buying ready-made products and you know exactly what you eating. And I am not only talking about dinners or lunches, mix some natural yogurt with condensed milk and a punnet of fruits and you got yourself ice-cream. Have some meat bones? Add some carrot and celery and boil it for few hours creating homemade stock. And who knows after a while you might even start to enjoy it, I did.

3. Work with leftovers

Food waste is a huge problem; we buy too much, we cook too much and of course we throw away way too much food. Learning how to deal with your leftover in an efficient manner can seriously improve your money pool. In most cases leftovers can be re-used and turned into something else but this means you have to get your hands dirty and actually spend some time in the kitchen 😉 Got some old bread which isn’t so fresh and sexy anymore? Well turn it into a bread pudding; this quick and virtually fool proof task will allow you to “save” the old bread and save you money as you don’t have to buying a pudding… you just made some from something which would most likely have ended up in the bin or in your back garden feeding the birds.

If you want to know more about my top tips on how to reduce food waste you can read my post here.

What are your top money saving tips when it comes to food / shopping / cooking?

*Post written in collaboration with The Money Advice Service

14 thoughts on “My Top 3 Food Related Money Saving Tips

  1. All these are great tips indeed. I never waste foods and you have given some amazing ideas on how to save money on food related items. I really love the idea of work with leftovers and making your own food ideas. Will try to follow them for sure.

  2. I totally agree with number 1. I think you do have to have a bit more self control but it does save you money in the long run. Great tips!

  3. I do the same, I look what I can make with things what are on offer :o) to write a list can backfire if an ingredient you need is not available or totally overpriced… :o)

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