MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail Polish

MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail PolishWith summer fast approaching it is time to upgrade my nail polish collection and add some summery colours. I have to admit I had no idea that you can actually buy a varnish that is friendly to your nails.

FNUG polishes contain strengthening silica and vitamin A, D, E, and B. They are chip-resistant and in addition to looking good on your nails they also conditions them. They contain caviar to bring your nails the benefit of the high content of nutritious essential amino acids and minerals found in the micro eggs. They do not contain Formaldehyde, Toulene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

From a large selection of shades I have picked:

MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail Polish Surfer GirlMyPure Choice - FNUG Natural Nail Polish Surfer GirlSurfer Girl – matt blue-ish green shade which reminds me of the ocean and…

MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail Polish Royal SmushiMyPure Choice - FNUG Natural Nail Polish Royal SmushiRoyal Smushi, which is extremely girly, pale pink with amazing looking sparkles.

Both polishes are easy to apply; they are quite runny and come with the perfect sized brush… at least for me. I am not a nail expert and I find some nail polishes come with a thick “bushy” brush which I find very hard to use. I much more prefer a sleek and slim brush which allows me far better control. Pair it with a more runny texture of nail varnish and I can apply it with ease without making any mess.

MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail Polish - Surfer GirlHow long do they last?

Well I was actually very surprised as to how robust they really are. When they first arrived I painted both hands with mixed colours; I wanted to test if one particular colour was more prone to “rubbing off” quicker than the other – well, it took three active and full days of life for the first imperfections to start to appear. It was just a single layer of varnish with no top coat or primer… for me that was quite impressive, especially when you consider that it was three working days full of housework and not just a holiday chill-out 😉

And how about removing them?

As with all nail varnish removals this task is down to the nail varnish remover you use. I did however find removing the sparkly pale pink a little more challenging than the bright surfer girl.

To sum it up… I really like both polishes.

Priced at £12 each they might not be the cheapest out there but then can you really put a price on the health and wellbeing of your nails? For someone like me who doesn’t have to have all the latest shades and buys only nail polish as needed, FNUG nail varnish makes for a lovely treat.

MyPure Choice and FNUG Natural Nail PolishHave you ever used FNUG?

What’s your favourite summer nail polish colour?

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12 thoughts on “MyPure Choice – FNUG Natural Nail Polish

  1. I tend to change my nail color every time, but I do my toes, not my hands. I love navy blue, but I’m wearing a bright green color right now.I do love that turquoise color here.

  2. Aw I loooove that greeny-blue! That is totally the kind of colour I go for all the time. Its definitely worth investing in a polish with good staying power, like these ones otherwise you are constantly having to reapply!

  3. I have never heard of this brand, but I love that blue color. I actually have a similar color on my nails right now.

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